Why You Should Build a CRM Powered Website for Your Business

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Online businesses are increasing with each passing day, and the competition is getting tougher. Most businesses use a simple or static website to maintain their online presence. Static websites give information about the business and the services offered. The advantage of these simple websites is that they are cheap and less complicated. But, but they lose out on the opportunity of engaging the customers and closing sales. Here are a few reasons why you need a CRM powered website.

Your website has to stand out among all. For that, you need to provide your customers with a personalized user experience. This goal of closing the sales is achievable when you interact with the customers on and off the field.

Now, the main question that arises is that how can you improve this user experience? The answer to this is by integrating your website with CRM.

What Is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This software helps you record and analyze the information about the customers visiting your website. Through CRM, you can analyze the activities of each visitor and store particular records to your advantage.

You can use the data to sort customers into meaningful segments for better personalization; you can use it to build long-lasting relationships with your customers, automate marketing campaigns, and more. CRM software also offers many marketing and sales tools. These tools keep track of the interactions with each customer, thus increasing conversion and profitability.

Why Your Website Has To Be CRM Powered?

Now that we have told you what CRM software does, it is time that we tell you the reasons why it is important to build a CRM-powered website for your business. We can assure you that it will do wonders for your business. It provides a better user experience and also benefits the internal teams.

In the following section, we will tell you the basic reasons why your website must be powered with CRM:

1.     Digital Experience And Boost In Marketing Efforts

User visits a website when he is in need of a particular service. He may have to visit a few pages for that service. If he is not able to find the required service, he would need the help of a representative. The user will get disappointed and look for other websites if your website is static.

The CRM-powered website has this all covered up. If something is not working or something requires consultation, he can fill a form and ask for help. The assigned representative gets that information and assists the user. CRM also allows the representative to access the activities of a customer. An email with a promotional discount code can be sent afterward.

An example would make your concept clear. Let’s say a customer visits a real estate property website to buy a property. Now, if the customer wants some help, he can click on the chat button available to talk to a consultant; CRM creates the contact of the particular customer.

The representative then can also see the activities of the customer. The representative also sends an email with other details of real estate properties. It is clear that CRM software provides an engaging and meaningful experience.

2.     Advanced Personalization

The information and services present on a place in the net are generic. The generic information is not useful as every user has a different need. If the specific need of a person getting support or goods is not met, he may go in the direction of the competitor’s, where he can get that service.

The CRM-powered place in the net maintains complete profiles of the customers. The profile has in it person getting support or goods desires, history, activities, contact details, and other information. This information can be used to make each person’s experience a good one by giving the name of the person when meeting for the first time in a short time, sending word points, or adding some additional content to your place on the net.

 Marketing people can add persons getting support or goods’ desires to their plans. Persons working on exchanging goods for money can check the person getting support or goods’ activity and adjust their pitches. CRM helps in getting through knowledge the needs of every person getting support or goods and then giving help to them with it.

3.     Dynamic Site Pages Generated By CRM Data

The process of creating many similar pages can be time-intensive and frustrating. The process is simplified by CRM software. Developers need to create a template for the page structure. Data can be pulled from the CRM to create dynamic pages.

Suppose a real estate company has many properties in an area. A Real Estate CRM-powered website can create a record for each property they are selling. Thus, a company can import data and generate separate pages for each website. The developer has to create a template, and then all the data can be imported from the CRM.

4.     Workflow Streamline Between Marketer And Developer

Marketers usually rely on developers to create websites and other tasks. A developer needs to create more pages for running a marketing campaign. This consumes a lot of effort and time of both people. A marketer has to rely on the developer every time—the workload of the developer increases.

But, if your website comprises CRM software, the work gets simplified. CRM provides tools that make web page generation very easy. These tools are easy to use, and the marketer can generate the web pages with a drag and drop feature.

5.     Sales Management and Reporting

CRM-powered websites come with sales pipelines, leads, and opportunities. Optimize your strategy by digging into which content types, sources, and campaigns drive the most leads. This will enhance the impact of the website.

6.     Website Development and Integration

CRM helps you create dynamic pages, but it also helps you move your site from one platform to the other easily. For instance, it helps with during WooCommerce to Shopify Migration or vice versa. Moreover, it also helps with 3rd APIs integration and facilitates one dashboard to manage everything.


 A static website is harmful to your business sales as well as your company’s operations. A website without CRM requires a lot of manual work and requires more manpower.

CRM software provides you with many benefits, as we have discussed above. It allows your business to grow faster and build strong relationships with customers. You already have a static website. All you need to do is to power it with CRM.

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