Five Reasons Why You Need A Business Email Address


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The question “Why do I need a business email address?” will most likely have crossed your mind a few times. You may not even see the need for professional email addresses because you can freely use email services like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and so on for your business.

What is a Business Email

As a business, email correspondence is a huge part of your dealings with your employees, clients, vendors, business partners and more. So, how can you ensure your brand name resonates in the minds of the people, customers, and businesses you communicate with daily? Would you prefer they remember or Ask yourself if you would you rather advertise the free email services you use or your business’s domain name?

Using a free email service for your business gives most people the impression that you are either an amateur in your niche or a fraud. This means you have to work extra hard to convince people to do business with you. In business, first impressions still matter. Make your first impression counts or run the risk of losing potential customers and partners to your competitors.

The Benefits Of Using A Business Email Address For Your Business

Before we delve into the benefits of using professional email addresses for your business, let us first introduce you to the service that makes it possible for you to have and create professional email addresses for your business.

This service is called email hosting. Email hosting is an affordable hosting solution that helps you create professional emails for you and your team. It is secure and easy to manage. Our email hosting service works with any desktop email client such as  Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Mail, and so on. It is also compatible with mobile apps. Would you prefer to receive emails directly on your phone? You can forward your emails to an email account you choose.

Having professional email addresses has a lot of benefits for your business. Let us explore the benefits of using professional email addresses below –

trust, professional email addresses

Increase Brand Trust and Awareness.  Having professional emails help increase trust in your brand. People interested in your business are more likely to become paying customers if you use professional email addresses in your correspondences with them. The use of professional emails also creates brand awareness and retention. People who interact with your business have to remember your domain name whenever they send you an email.

Boost Your Professional Image. Your business will be taken seriously and perceived as professional. Your credibility among your niche will be boosted and your business will thus be respected. You can associate your business email with your preferred domain and have it forwarded to an account you already own such as your regular Gmail or Yahoo account. This way, you can manage all your email in one place without adding another provider account. You can create as many e-mail accounts as you need and be as creative with it as you want. You can create domain names such as, and so on.

block spam, email security, professional email addressesBlocks Spam Emails. You know those annoying spam emails that clog your inbox? Those emails that may contain harmful links and love professions from suspicious looking email addresses? A great email hosting solution blocks them from finding their way into your mailbox. This leaves your inbox uncluttered from unwanted emails and help you find important emails quickly.

Email Security. Using free email services or using webmail from your shared hosting Cpanel is not secure. Sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, names, financial data, transactions and more can easily be intercepted by internet fraudsters. Your emails are not secure as anyone who can gain access your Cpanel can access all your emails including sensitive information such as invoices, classified company details and more. You also get to share resources that should be utilized by your website with your emails. However, when you subscribe to email hosting, your emails will have abundant space that is fully dedicated to your professional emails while your website will not have to share your hosting account’s resources with your emails.

Email Encryption. Furthermore, your email communications will be encrypted. This means the emails that you send out are scrambled in a way that anyone who tries to intercept your correspondence will not understand.

affordableAffordability.  You are very likely already interested in getting professional emails for your business right now but you are probably thinking all these great features will mean that the service will be expensive right? On the contrary, it is very affordable and costs only N500 per email account. This is a great service we would love all our current and new customers to enjoy.

Do you have questions or comments about email hosting? Drop them in the comment section and we will respond. Do not forget to share this post on your social media pages.

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