Top 5 New Marketing Opportunities on Facebook for 2021

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With 2,74 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a marketer’s paradise.

No other social media channel comes close to giving business owners such tremendous opportunities to increase brand awareness, engage their followers, and close sales.

But there’s a minor problem.

In online marketing, things change fast. What works today becomes obsolete tomorrow. New digital marketing software like chatbots and augmented reality (AR) emerge every day. Unforeseen events dominate online chatter and affect your marketing campaigns. 

That’s why you must stay alert to spot new opportunities. 

Here are the top 5 new marketing opportunities on Facebook in 2021.

#1. Q&A Feature

Thanks to the innovative Q&A feature, you can now host a lively Q&A session on your Facebook page. Your fans can ask you questions on a specific topic. When you answer the questions, they become part of a batch of questions your followers can swipe through and find the answers they are looking for.

This useful feature gives businesses an exceptional opportunity to:

  • Underline their authority

With each question you answer, you boost your authority. More and more followers trust your word and regard you as the go-to source for info related to what you sell and follow you to your website to consume more content. When they decide to buy, you will be the first brand that pops up on their minds.

  • Boost user engagement

When your followers ask and answer questions, they become active participants, not passive spectators. An engaged audience is more likely to take your brand’s desired actions. They will click on your offers, click-through to your landing pages, fill your forms, or download your freebies.

  • Offer customer support

The Q&A feature lends itself well to quality customer support, like the team at Solitaired found. Compile the most pressing questions customers have about your products and address them during the Q&A sessions. You win on two fronts. First, you will satisfy your customers. Plus, you will lighten the load on your swamped help desk staff.

On top of this, any savvy social media manager will tell you social platform search algorithms bump active pages to the top of search results pages.

#2. Facebook Business Suite

If your audience is on Facebook, they are likely on Instagram too.

Thanks to the Facebook Business Suite feature, you can now manage your Facebook and Instagram campaigns from one dashboard. Not only that. You can also view messages from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

All you have to do to take advantage of this cool feature is to link your Facebook and Instagram business accounts if you haven’t done so already. Here are some highlights of the benefits of the Business Suite.

  • View updates from both platforms

You can see all vital alerts, messages, and comments for easy management of your activities across Facebook and Instagram. You save time because you don’t have to jump back and forth from one app to the other to manage your activities and campaigns.

  • Automate responses

As you interact with your audience, the same questions come up repeatedly. They are so common you even know the trigger events for the questions. You can set up personalized responses to these repeated questions on both platforms and attend to your consumers without lifting a finger.

  • Schedule posts

The business suite empowers you to create a post for Facebook and Instagram in one place. You can then schedule it for publication at the perfect moment when your audience is likely to consume it.

  • Analytics

Modern marketing is data-driven. Through the insights tab, you can view numbers of your Facebook and Instagram activities. Get insights on metrics like reach, engagement, and your post’s performance. You get to understand what’s working and what isn’t, and optimize for growth on each platform.

#3. Social Good Hub

People love socially conscious brands.

They gravitate towards brands that support causes close to their hearts. A survey revealed that when consumers think a brand has a strong purpose, they are 4x more likely to trust it and do business with the company in the future.

With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc, it’s a golden opportunity for smart brands to show they care. The handy Social Good Hub feature allows businesses to make an income while making an impact in one stroke.

Here is an example of a cause marketing campaign from sock company Bombas.

Source: Facebook

Their campaign focused on helping homeless youths.

You can take a stance on hot social issues and build a powerful community around important causes. This builds an unshakeable, loyal community bound by common values.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Put a donate button on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Facebook Shops, and Instagram Shops.
  • Add a fundraiser sticker to your Facebook Stories. 
  • Add a donation sticker to your Instagram Stories.
  • Start a conversation about important causes with your customers on Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • Maximize donations by linking your donation campaigns to the Facebook Moments feature so you connect with customers who share the same values on important days like Ramadan.

Build your brand, bond with your customers, and increase awareness through the Social Good Hub.

#4. Facebook Shops Discounts Feature

Source: Hootsuite

Nothing sweetens an offer for consumers better than a juicy discount.

Offering steep discounts is a great way to attract lots of new customers at the top of your funnel. Discounts nudge hesitant potential customers across the buying line.

As a Facebook shop owner, you can now offer discounts to your customers as they browse for goods in your store. The discounts feature allows you to:

  • Offer discounts on individual products.
  • Offer discounts on specific product categories.
  • Offer discounts across your entire store.
  • Generate promo codes for buyers.
  • Create automatic discounts for qualifying orders.

For the time being, the feature is only available for U.S. users. If it catches on, they’ll roll it out globally soon.

#5. Paid Online Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard.

As a way of helping companies get back up on their feet, Facebook has introduced paid online events on Facebook Live. The business recovery program allows small businesses to host paid online events and keep all the earnings. This generous offer is valid until August 2021.

However, you only get to keep all the money if users checkout via Facebook Pay. But for event tickets sold through the iPhone app, struggling companies get 70% as Apple collects 30% App Store tax. Still, it’s worth it in these tough times.

Source: Facebook

Because online events are simple to set up and run, this presents companies with a convenient way to make a quick buck in these challenging times and get the cash flowing again.

You can use this feature to:

  • Create a digital event.
  • Set a ticket price.
  • Collect payments.
  • Promote the event.

Paid events include meet-and-greets, online courses, expert talks, podcast recordings, paid classes, and trivia events. With in-person events still banned across the globe, this smart fusion of marketing, payment collection, and live video gives small businesses a chance to make money off their expertise.

They are also testing the paid events feature with Messenger Rooms for a more personalized experience. The feature is available in 20 countries.

New Marketing Opportunities On Facebook Are There For The Taking In 2021

There you have it.

The top 5 new marketing opportunities on Facebook in 2021. Milk them dry and increase your brand’s visibility, income. and impact through:

  • Q&A Feature.
  • Business Suite.
  • Social Good Hub.
  • Shops Discount.
  • Paid Online Events.

Grab these outstanding marketing opportunities and grow your business today.

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