Tools to optimize your remote work from home

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You will agree with me that COVID 19 hit us hard. I mean, Nobody thought the world would shut down because of an epidemic in 2020. Everybody is at and the new norm is now “work from home”. Corporate organisations, entrepreneurs and even schools are beginning to embrace remote lifestyles to get things done. This is why you need the best tools to optimize your remote work

Let’s face it, the world is not coming to an end – just yet, so buying and selling is still happening, customers are still requesting for services and vendors are delivering goods. So how do you keep track of your teammates now that everyone works remotely? What collaboration tools do you use to optimize your remote work effectively? Well, I have some good news.

Heard about G Suite? well, corporate organisations and individuals who like to be on top of things use this tool. It has a chat system, video conferencing, real-time editing and lots more. Remote work-life includes document sharing/Editing, video conferencing, chats, calendar scheduling for meetings, among other things, Gsuite has all of those.

How G Suite can help you work from home effectively

Here is a 4-minute video below showing how you can use G suite for remote work:

The G Suite is easy to set up. You can integrate it to Gmail for easy navigation and can also get up to 1 TB cloud storage per user. Admins get Audit reports from each user activity, also, there is an option for enterprise-grade access control with security key- enforcement and to sum it all up, there is data loss prevention in Gmail and Drive which means your data cannot be lost…ever.

Every remote worker should use G suite. An app that not only provides you with an all-round business collaboration experience but also allows you to Integrate Gmail with compliant third-party tools and gives 100% protection from data loss. 

At WhoGoHost, we offer 3 G suite service packages. The G Suite Basic, The G suite Business and the G Suite Enterprise. Also, visit this page for more details on how to get started. 

You should also work on how to protect your virtual meetings against hackers. Read this blog post on how to do so.

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