Three Creative Ways to Generate High-quality, Diverse Leads Virtually

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Recent political unrest has brought attention to the need for conscientious focus on embracing diversity and reaching underrepresented minorities. Additionally, with the onset of restrictions, there has been a significant increase in online activity among many diverse populations. 

Businesses are changing the way they communicate in order to be more inclusive and reach people of all different backgrounds. There are many ways to generate diverse leads and make genuine connections with previously untapped customer demographics. 

Although most people are spending even more time online, it can be a struggle to generate new and diverse leads with such a saturated market. Consumers are inundated with media wherever they look, making it tempting to tune it out and ignore it. So how can you find creative ways to improve your communication with potential and existing customers?

Tips to generate diverse client leads

Here are three creative ways to help generate high quality and diverse leads virtually:

1 – Practice inclusive collaboration

Another way to reach a more diverse audience is to collaborate with other experts in your field and invest in culturally relevant media. Other market influencers will certainly have a following that could potentially benefit from what you have to offer. By collaborating with experts, you also provide your followers with more vital information relating to the things that are most valuable to them. 

There are a few ways that you can benefit from collaborating with similar brands to employ a B2B model in your business. You can feature guest posts or media of theirs that complements your brand. Compiling advice from several different leaders in your industry will also grab the attention of your audience. 

You may also want to feature a partner business in a webinar or interview that teaches something useful. Be sure to save time for Q&A so your audience can have the opportunity to interact in a way that feels personal. This is the kind of content that can make you a strong leader in your industry. 

It’s also important to collaborate behind the scenes when developing new products, services, or ways to reach customers. Reaching out to other companies to combine your efforts can be lucrative for both parties when it is done cohesively and with shared goals in mind. 

Fortunately, meaningful collaboration across long distances is easier than ever with cloud-based team collaboration software becoming more popular. Do your due diligence and make sure that the product you choose comes with crucial features including multi-currency billing and multi-language invoicing to better support diversity on your team.

2 – Employ social selling techniques

Since more people are using social media to connect during the pandemic in lieu of normal social gatherings, utilizing these avenues for marketing purposes is a great way to generate leads. The key is to be natural and genuine. People are used to being bombarded with ads on Facebook and Instagram, and this doesn’t always make them want to buy. Social selling is more about creating a connection with consumers through similarities in lifestyle and values. 

Use engaging content to relate to your audience and make an emotional impact that will forge a lasting connection with your brand. Find out what platforms your target audience is using and share your content strategically through these outlets. You can use a combination of original content and other credible brands that align with the goals of your company and your audience. This will further express your brand’s vision and increase credibility. 

When creating shareable content, remember to be inclusive of the many diverse groups that will come across your posts. Targeting particular customer demographics can be effective in some settings, but when creating a general brand, you want a cohesive campaign that connects with different types of people on a deeper level and fosters a sense of community. 

A great way to create a community around your brand is to start a Facebook group (if your target audience spends a lot of time on that platform). Having a group of like-minded people who are interested in your brand and what your brand represents can turn into long-lasting relationships with your company and your products. 

A Facebook group is also a great place to learn about how consumers are responding to your content and learn how you can cater to their unique needs and create a solid sales funnel. 

3 – Focus on PR from day one

In addition to developing an inclusive marketing strategy, it is also important to implement a well-thought out PR strategy and create a brand image that reflects how you want to be perceived. Some companies make the mistake of waiting until they need to repair their image to create a PR strategy. 

But implementing one from the beginning will paint a better picture for your audience about what your brand stands for and how you will approach business and social issues. A PR presence allows you to build interest and trust by communicating with email subscribers, building a following on social media, and generally fostering meaningful relationships with your customers. 

You can also focus on increasing your search rankings so more potential consumers see you in their search results. Increasing your online hits and making sure you have a visually appealing and easy-to-use website with the aid of a quality web host is crucial to maintaining your public image. 

According to software developer and online marketer Alex Williams of Hosting Data, one of the most important considerations with web hosting is to make sure that your host of choice can secure your site with HTTPS. 

“84% of eCommerce customers would leave their shopping cart if they were notified that the connection was insecure,” says Williams. “This has huge implications on sales. Since 2014, Google has factored HTTPS vs. non-HTTPS into their algorithms. More than one study has detected that HTTPS sites rank higher in search engines than HTTP sites. In other words, HTTPS sites have preferential traffic exposure. Not only that, they load much faster than HTTP sites.” 

By providing a fast and secure website, you increase your credibility, and consumers perceive you as a brand that is reputable and worthy of their trust and support. That’s why a good PR strategy also includes optimizing your website and increasing site traffic. How can potential customers fall in love with your brand if they aren’t seeing it?  

Get started today

Digitalization has created an increasingly globalized community, and we have more opportunities than ever to connect with people of different backgrounds and cultures. Reaching diverse demographics is not only a great benefit to companies but also a social responsibility. The ability to collaborate and communicate through tech solutions is key, and taking an inclusive approach to lead generation can help build trust with customers and build a diverse community around your brand.

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