The Top 10 ‘Rising-Star’ Trends in Software Testing

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As our modern world becomes more technologically advanced, more types of software testing are needed for new types of software. Business and technology processes are changing by the day as the corporate world encounters new problems and makes new discoveries and technological improvements. The introduction of new and improved technologies has facilitated the need for new updates in software testing, development, design, and processing delivery. Due to the tight constraints in the financial world, these have needed to be developed in a cost-effective and optimised manner. In this article, we will be looking the top 10 best and brightest ‘rising-star’ software testing technologies, that are taking over the modern business world. 

1: Codeless Automated Testing 

At the top of the rising stars of software testing is the adoption of codeless automated testing. Codeless testing tools are built around artificial technology and visual modelling, which speeds up the processes and testing cases using automated testing. If codeless automated testing is used correctly, easy and accurate testing scenarios can be created and run to test and understand the parameters of the business. Codeless testing is effective, easy to review and understand, and streamlined. Codeless testing is very easy to understand and user-friendly for businesses with low technological awareness or capacity. 

2: Agile Testing 

Agile testing and development are increasing in popularity as well. This differs from project management tools and standard test automation. Agile methodologies require automated testing in order to drive the QA procedure and accelerate overall performance. An Agile project without correct and coherent test automation is effectively a waterfall project in phases. 

3: DevOps Testing 

Devolved operations is a fairly new and innovative management and business operations theory practice which is being adopted by more and more 21st-century companies every day. Modern companies embraced DevOps due to the fact that their businesses needed increased accuracy and speed; and current processes could not provide this. But how can we know that DevOps is working well? DevOps involves processes, operations, tools, and rules that help a business integrate both operating processes and developmental processes; in order to streamline overall operation. 

4: Cyber Security Testing 

Due to the increased importance and development of technology and digital networks, cyber security has become one of the most important trends when it comes to software in the 21st-century. Hackers, malware, and digital criminals are getting savvier and more talented every day, so businesses need to keep up with them! In 2020, cybersecurity testing has become one of the most lucrative testing industries due to how much of a necessity it has become. 

5: ChatBot Testing 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, chatbots have become increasingly crucial to businesses who require customer interaction. The pandemic caused a lot of bsuinesses to have reduced amounts of call centre or customer support workers. To replace and/or supplement this, chatbots have been either implemented or improved. Even the healthcare industry has utilised chatbots to communicate with patients. Chatbots provide 24/7 support for customers. Chatbot testing provides simulated situations and tests potential responses and interactions with customers. These tests can run predicted tests, common interactions, or unlikely questions.  The smooth functioning of chatbots and their intricate involvement in the customer experience require extensive testing to ensure their success and efficient operation.

6: Artificial Intelligence Testing 

Artificial intelligence and the demand for AI testing has grown exponentially since the beginning of the 21st-centuy. William Ferry, a  tech blogger at Grade On Fire and My Writing Way, commented that, “The rising demand for artificial intelligence is largely due to the increasing number of apps and pieces of technologies that require AI technology. By 2025, global artificial intelligence is projected to reach around the $200 billion mark.” But artificial intelligence is no good if it does not work effectively! So, testing is necessary for efficient business operations involving AI.

7: Big Data Testing 

Data and information has become the largest and most traded form of currency in the modern business world. Data is worth more than money is in some instances, due to the information it provides on customers, business, and the corporate world in general. No matter what industry you are looking at, data is required and essential to operations. The mining of big data requires end to end testing to ensure its effectiveness and best practice. Big data testing assists in making improved business decisions with correct data validations and improving business strategizing and market targeting with decisions drawn from these big data testing processes and analysis.

8: Blockchain Testing

Blockchain technology has become a recent necessity for the business world due to the increasing importance of cryptocurrency, and its use in automation and finance. Leanne George, a business writer at Let’s Go And Learn and Dissertation Services, noted “Blockchain makes a decentralized network distinct from a central system used by banks for managing financial operations. Blockchain technology has completely changed the ways companies deal with digital currencies like bitcoin.” Blockchain testing is an efficient, specialized, and next generation testing solution to effectively debug code in order to deliver productive blockchain apps.

9: Quality Testing 

No company ever aims to deliver a product that has low quality, or at least they should not! However, monitoring quality is not always as easy as it sounds. As businesses grow and expand, quality can become harder to keep up to scratch and consistency is harder to ensure across the board. Businesses will struggle to ensure quality is consistent and high as they become larger enterprises. To ensure quality is kept at a suitable level, and that expansion does not result in a dip in quality control; quality testing is essential.

10: API & Service Testing Automation 

By 2021, it was expected that at least one-third of organizations will have deployed a multitudinous-experience development platform for supporting web, conversational, mobile, and augmented reality development. This is called API. In the 21st-century, APIs have driven the digital economy and created an ‘innovation race’. Application Programming Interfaces, however, must be tested in order to ensure their long-term efficacy. 

Software testing has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the 21t century due to how crucial they have become. Software is only helpful to a business if it works the way it ‘says on the tin’ and does not have faults or malfunctions. Hopefully, these to-10 rising star trends in the software testing industry have given you an idea of what is to come in the software testing world!

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