Technology Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Marketers

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Electricity, steam, and assembly lines marked the first three industrial revolutions of the past. The fourth industrial revolution is already well underway. The primary driving force leading the way in this new era comes down to information and how to access said information.

However, access to new technology also exposes governments and businesses to new threats. Website protection is already crucial, and it will only grow in prominence as hackers develop more sophisticated methods to access vital information. 

Early adopters of new technology will gain a significant advantage as the fourth industrial revolution becomes more pronounced. But which technologies do you need to keep an eye on as the world transforms into a more interconnected domain? 

That’s what we’re going to talk about today. 

Virtual Reality

There are a lot of consumers already capable of working or communicating remotely when it comes to interacting with businesses. Customers can pay via credit cards online while business owners can handle taxes and receipts even when they are away from the office. As virtual reality becomes more sophisticated, it will have a lot more functions than playing video games in the future. 

With the aid of augmented reality devices, such as smart glasses, consumers will be able to view products without having to step inside a store. Customers are already beginning to see this take effect. 

For example, Lexus already allows potential buyers to use VR to take one of their cars around a test track. They’re able to see all of the features inside the vehicle and can get a sense for how fast it can really go. It’s a more convenient way for consumers to see whether they even like a product before making a trip to the dealership.

Another example is how consumers are able to try on new clothing virtually using VR. There may soon no longer be a need to drive all over town trying to find the product you want, when instead you can test it in VR first and then have it 3D printed at your local store for you to pick up (or have shipped over).

Internet of Things

Plenty of business owners and consumers think they are already plenty plugged in. After all, pretty much everyone carries around a mobile phone these days, and companies have incorporated new technologies into practically every aspect of their operations from the warehouse to the store. 

But what if businesses could incorporate technology even further? This is the central tenet behind the idea of the Internet of Things. This component exists at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution. Its purpose is to use digital technology to connect machines, actuators, and sensors to each other online to exchange data. 

As the IoT grows and improves substantially, the amount of data generated improves with it. Businesses can more easily figure out customers’ behavioral traits and preferences, analyze their buying habits, and simply gain a more complete insight into a customers; buying journey and what stage they are in. 

This kind of information enables businesses to create messages tailored to each individual customer or lead, and enhance their outreach marketing efforts more than before.

Quantum Computing

In the very near future, computers could become exponentially more powerful with the capability of processing large amounts of data in a fraction of a second. This is all thanks to the potential of quantum computing. 

It’s thanks to these developments that have allowed for cloud hosting, which makes data much more secure than it had been in years previously. However, computers may soon become millions of times smarter than how they are today. This will be a major asset in regards to artificial intelligence as computers will be able to take massive amounts of data and compress it in a matter of seconds to locate trends and provide useful information. 

As more data becomes readily available, developers will need to meet the challenge of creating computers that are capable of handling that data. Every picture, video, and click of a button is useful to business owners, and it may soon change how ads are targeted and how customers can discover new products. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already drastically altered how businesses interact with consumers. Every day, people log onto their social media accounts and share images, videos, and all kinds of other data. The more data utilized by AI systems, the more accurate predictions it can make about consumers’ behavior.

Machines are developing the capability of analyzing huge swaths of data to provide businesses with better information about how to target demographics for specific products. For example, most email marketing services come with AI-powered tools that can collect customer data on browsing behaviors, past purchases, and so on.

This information can then help marketers to set up automated email marketing campaigns that contain more personalized copy, which is more likely to lead to increased lead conversion rates. It also enables them to figure out how to better allocate a marketing budget to ensure the proper demographics are being reached. 


Companies have a lot to gain by investing in new technologies. As technologies evolve, you will require greater security in virtually every fact of your company’s operations. 

We’re already in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, and things are only going to take off from here as technology continues to improve, giving businesses the resources they need to meet growing demand. 

Now, you may soon be in charge of incorporating virtual reality and artificial intelligence into your company’s operations. Everyone else will be doing it, and you don’t want to be left behind. 

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