8 Benefits of Marketing With Cultural Intelligence

Despite some progress, prejudice is still all too common in every aspect of the business. Marketing is no exception, with most companies featuring a fairly non-representative section of consumers with their advertising strategies. So, while most of the past revolutions in the industry have been technological, the next will (hopefully) be cultural. Here, we talk […]

How to Create Effective Diversity Training Programs for Sales, Marketing, and Tech Teams

Advancements in communications technology have led to a more intimate virtual work environment, but remote work affects different groups differently. While working from home is convenient for some, remote work does have its downsides, and many of these issues disproportionately impact already marginalized minority groups.  Whether remote or in-person, there are a number of steps […]

The Benefits of Workplace Diversity According to Business Executives

“Diversity” may seem like just a word thrown around in HR departments. But in truth, it is actually an essential aspect of the success of a business, and the fulfilment of its employees. A workforce made up of those from different races, sexes, cultures, religions, and abilities create a more innovative and creative organization overall.  […]