Website KPIs: How to Ensure Your Website Is Running Smoothly

It can be strange to think that it has been just over 30 years since the first ever website launched, on 6 August 1991. By 1994 there were around 3,000 sites, and today that number hovers just under a staggering two billion. Those websites cover every subject known to man, and of all those sites, […]

Why Website Traffic is Important and How to Improve It

Ask any business owner or savvy online marketer on what they’d want more than anything in the world. Most will give you a clear and straightforward answer – ‘More business’. Next in line would be ‘better conversion rates’. Everybody knows that conversions directly translates into revenue. Before that can happen though, people need to know […]

How Speed Affects Your Website – 20+ Website Speed Statistics


If you are the owner of a struggling website, you may have inspected all possible corners to see why you aren’t getting the views you want. One factor that most website owners tend to overlook is their website’s speed. That’s understandable, as speed is not something you can see immediately. But it has quite a […]