Web Hosting Trends in 2021 You Should Know

In today’s digital age, ramped up by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the globe, the need for traditional entrepreneurs to become ‘tech-preneurs’ is becoming increasingly necessary. Technology and entrepreneurship should go hand in hand in today’s age if you don’t want your business to fall behind. One of the best and most […]

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Which is better?

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Many times, website owners are confused about which hosting is best for their business. A lot of people rely on web hosting companies to help them with the best option – and we will. This article is to help you understand the difference between “web hosting” vs “WordPress hosting”. Understanding it will help you decide […]

Pros and Cons Of Cloud Hosting And WordPress Hosting

Right now, there are 1,773,600,800 websites listed on the World Wide Web. But a good hosting service provider is the backbone of a successful website. And this is the reason behind the increasingly growing size of the global hosting industry. In a time span of the past ten years, the hosting market sector has risen steeply […]

Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting | Which is Better?

The presence of nearly hundreds of web hosting companies offering different hosting plans – managed and unmanaged – has created a virtual fog. You have to consider certain factors before figuring out the right web host for your website, namely pricing, customer service, email, and of course, reliability. In this article, we’ll be discussing the […]

How To Become A Web Hosting Provider


Is your vision to be a leading web hosting provider but do not have enough capital to go at it big? We are here to rescue you from giving up on your dreams. You can start small and expand as your clients increase and profit begins to make sense. How To Start Your Own Web […]

What is Web Hosting and why your Business needs one.


Simply put, it is an internet service that allows you to publish your website online. Without hosting your web files, your website will only be a bunch of beautiful files that no one can find or interact with online. Does this mean that the only way for your website to be available or found online […]