Why you should reconsider using shared hosting for your emails

Let’s discuss shared hosting for just a second. Shared hosting enables many clients to reside on a single machine instance. That is, one machine divides the resources within its capacity in terms of memory, CPU network speed, etc to all the tenants hosting their services on it. This makes shared hosting the default option for […]

WordPress Hosting vs Web Hosting: Which is better?

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Many times, website owners are confused about which hosting is best for their business. A lot of people rely on web hosting companies to help them with the best option – and we will. This article is to help you understand the difference between “web hosting” vs “WordPress hosting”. Understanding it will help you decide […]

Black Friday Is Here! Get Badass Deals You Can’t Get Anywhere Now

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The countdown is finally over. Our long-awaited Black Friday deals are finally here! This Black Friday, you can grab a whopping 60% off Shared Hosting. This discount is applicable to all our shared hosting packages including our Unlimited hosting packages That’s not all, you can also Snatch 50% off WordPress Hosting and start enjoying super […]

How To Deploy a Git Application On Whogohost Shared Hosting

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Do you know shared hosting users can now leverage git application for their project deployments? A lot of developers working on a shared hosting environment often upload their application after series of coding locally. Another set of developers prefer to create a direct synchronization through an FTP account which allows them to update changes directly […]

Are You Ready To Kickoff 2017 ?

The year has begun and most people have started posting their new year resolutions. What is your new year resolution? Do you want to start that business you have always dreamt of? Do you want to publish that website you have been holding back on? You want to start that million dollar blog this year? New […]