Google Workspace to discontinue Hangouts from November 1, 2022

Google has stated in its latest news that the company will be discontinuing Google Hangouts starting from November 1, 2022. In a communication sent to all Google Workspace administrators, Google emphasized that Google Hangouts on web will begin redirecting to Google Chat on web and Hangouts will no longer be available. This change is not […]

Choosing the Best Email Solution for a Productive Business

Imagine having important information to pass across to your clients or having a Billion Dollar deal to close within a space of 45 minutes to one hour through email communication to your client(s) but your web hosting platform is currently down and you are unable to access your official emails. How frustrating can this be? Yes, I understand, it will be like that’s the end of the road for you. Well, this is not the end of the road for you if you are smart enough to purchase an enterprise email solution that guarantees you 100% uptime and security of all your emails.

G Suite Legacy, Google Workspace, and You

Ok! So by now you have either received an email below or gotten wind of some sort of notification about Google discontinuing the G Suite Legacy, a free edition of Google Apps a.k.a G Suite, launched in 2006 which is offered for free. You are probably wondering what this means for me and my business, […]

Google Workspace, the future of work

Recently, we wrote a post on how to increase work productivity while working remotely with a focus on Microsoft 365. But today, we will be looking into another highly effective tool that can aid your productivity remotely.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic held the world at a standstill, we keep hearing the future of work is […]