How to Create Websites Easily with GO54 AI Builder: No Coding Needed

Introduction In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is non-negotiable for businesses and individuals alike. However, for many, the prospect of creating a website from scratch can be daunting, especially if they lack coding experience.  This is where GO54 AI Website Builder comes in – an AI tool that helps you build a […]

8 Steps To Create A Social Media Strategy For Your Business

Starting a business has become a trend, and many people are giving entrepreneurship a shot. As the pandemic rolled in and people were left to find new ways to earn a living, businesses, especially online businesses, became a way to make it happen. A component of your business’s success lies in how influential your social […]

How to Write a Sales Email – 5 Tips for Success

Buyers are swarmed with hundreds of sales emails day in and day out. Of the small percentage of emails opened and read, only a minute fraction of those calls to action will succeed.  These realities have disheartened some marketers, who believe there are far more effective ways to communicate information than emails. Here’s where we […]

6 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns You Should Try

Are you thinking of investing your resources in email marketing? Well, you have made the right choice.  According to 78% of marketers, email engagements have increased tremendously in the past year. Email marketing has a generous ROI. You get $36 for every $1 spent. 44% of consumers are always on the lookout for branded emails. […]

How to Include Video in Your Email Marketing Strategy

As a marketer, you are bound to feel restricted when it comes to promoting your content online. Most of the time the emails sent out for marketing purposes go unread because of a lack of creativity. The question is how do you churn out inspirational content without appearing too direct and salesy? If I were […]

10 Easy Tools and Strategies to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is a crucial element of any digital marketing strategy.  It’s a fast and easy way to reach your target audience. And it’s also incredibly cost-effective. At $42 for every dollar spent, it has one of the highest returns on investment in the entire sector.  However, to harness the full power of email marketing, […]

5 Tips to Write a Killer Sales Outreach Cold Emails

Cold emailing is the process of sending emails to someone with whom your business has no relationship yet.  Cold emails are harder since you don’t know how prospects might behave. This is the reason why most cold emails fail.  The email response rate of cold emails is around 1%, meaning you might get a response […]

5 Tips for Writing Powerful Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are one of the most common digital marketing automation sequences, and it’s easy to see why—74% of customers expect to receive a welcome message when they subscribe to a new email newsletter. If you’re still not sending welcome emails, you’re missing out on a key opportunity to engage with new subscribers and create […]

Email A/B Testing: Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices

Is it an easy task to come with a good email campaign? I guess not. We should take multiple factors into account. I mean content, imagery, fonts, color schemes, and many more. We have to personalize offers, detect the optimal sending time… Even emojis may impact the result.  Relying on our own taste is dangerous. […]

8 Professional Email Signature Templates To Use To Drive Sales

Do you hear that? Ping-Pong. Ping-Pong. That’s emails getting dropped into inboxes every single millisecond.  According to Statista there were 319 billion emails sent yesterday. There will be 319 billion emails sent today, tomorrow and every single day this year! Next year that number will go up to 333 billion daily emails worldwide and by […]