Domain extensions and their meaning

Strategic positioning is important for your website when choosing a domain extension. The right domain extensions can affect your website traffic, and even the way people perceive your business online. Now that you are ready to have a website, you are looking for which domain extension will suit your business. This article will explain the […]

Black Friday Is Coming! Get Unbeatable Discounts Now

Black Friday is coming! We are all excited about this global sales period and there is a frenzy of discounts pouring in from various businesses. Do not get lost in the noise. Focus on what is important. What Should You Focus on? Black Friday is a great period for you to prepare your business for […]

How To Choose A Domain Name

A Domain name is akin to a business name. A lot of thought and consideration should be invested in making this decision. Take some time to consider the questions below. Have you researched it? It is important to ensure that a potential domain is not being used by a company. Proper research will help you […]