5 Tricks to Asking for Customer Feedback That Guarantee Replies

You want your customers to be happy with your service, don’t you? The problem is that only one out of 26 customers will tell you if they have complaints. While your analytics tools show numbers of what happens at your website, they leave with no information about why it happens. It stands to reason you […]

5 Customer Experience Trends to Note In 2022

Aren’t you intrigued by how businesses have gone beyond limits to give a stellar customer experience lately? Whether a small business or large multi-national, the customer experience trends have witnessed a super-charged improvisation.  Of course, the pandemic acted as a catalyst since businesses and marketers had to act dexterously to improve and enhance the customer […]

How To Overcome 7 Main Customer Service Challenges In E-Commerce

When launching your online business, customer service isn’t probably the first thing you will have in mind. Making sure the product or service you are providing is on point will always have the first priority. But every organization should strive to excel also in their customer service. Here’s why: customer service is often overlooked, even […]

5 Tips for Online Customer Service Improvement

When doing business online, you need have to provide exceptional customer service to the people who buy your products online. You have to make sure that your customers are taken care of, and that you don’t scare them off with negative experiences and mistakes that could’ve been prevented. And how you deliver customer service matters. […]

Great Retention Techniques after a Poor Delivery Experience

In any business that deals with customers, it is unavoidable that poor experiences will happen from time to time. However, you should not look at these as apocalyptic events that will wipe your business from the face of the Earth. Getting bad reviews can also happen and it’s nothing to be afraid of. The only […]

7 Effective Customer Retention Strategies That Actually Work

Retaining your customers has never been more important than now. While there is no harm in grabbing the attention of prospects, in the time of crisis it is best to cater to your existing customer base. Various studies have proven that customer retention helps improve a business’s overall profit. It implies that customers are willing […]