3 Marketing “Hacks” that Scare Off Potential Customers.

Rather than talking about all the best marketing tricks that you could use to bring more awareness to your brand and bring more leads to your sales pipeline, let’s talk about bad advice that marketers often receive.  After years of experience in digital marketing, it’s time to call out hacks that create more problems than […]

5 Secrets for Converting Visitors into Paying Customers

In today’s world, a large number of marketing strategies and campaigns are targeted at driving customers to landing pages and company websites. Be it via pay-per-click advertising or organic marketing, boosting traffic to gain website visitors is the primary focus of every marketing goal. That said, when the visitors start rolling in you need to […]

Great Retention Techniques after a Poor Delivery Experience

In any business that deals with customers, it is unavoidable that poor experiences will happen from time to time. However, you should not look at these as apocalyptic events that will wipe your business from the face of the Earth. Getting bad reviews can also happen and it’s nothing to be afraid of. The only […]

7 Effective Customer Retention Strategies That Actually Work

Retaining your customers has never been more important than now. While there is no harm in grabbing the attention of prospects, in the time of crisis it is best to cater to your existing customer base. Various studies have proven that customer retention helps improve a business’s overall profit. It implies that customers are willing […]