7 ways to use AMP emails to boost your online store sales

The introduction of AMP for emails has been game-changing for eCommerce websites. It has redesigned the way online stores use emails.  Earlier, emails simply served as a channel for delivering information. Using AMP-provided abilities, customers can interact with different elements inside the email itself.  AMP for emails allows users to create emails with dynamic elements within […]

10 Costs of Starting A Business No One Ever Tells You About

Launching a new business is a stressful, exciting, and anxiety-provoking process. Around 45% of new businesses fail within the first five years, and one of the leading causes of startup failure is running out of cash. Often, this cash shortage emerges because founders are unprepared for the myriad of startup costs that arise during the […]

Top 10 Marketing Tools Every Business Needs

When you are ready to take the steps that will move your business forward, the journey might seem daunting. There are so many metrics to be gauged, so much research to conduct, and so many management decisions to be made. However, marketing tools can do most of this time-consuming hard work for you. At least […]

5 Smart Ecommerce Selling Strategies You Should Note

In the age of a broad range of options, every customer is worth their weight in gold. But how do you get ahead of the competition and draw their attention specifically to your online business? The answer is simple: do everything you can to make purchases in your online store simple, enjoyable, and memorable. Today […]

7 Reasons Retail Business Should Host Their POS System

To operate a retail business, a range of management, administrative and marketing skills is necessary. An advanced point of sale (POS) system ensures all operations take place in unison.  As of 2017, the global POS software market accounted for USD 12.9 billion. The number is expected to reach USD 30.9 billion between 2018 and 2024, […]

Tips and Tricks to Help Struggling Businesses

If the never ending COVID-19 pandemic, national labor shortage, recent uptick in competition, or ever-changing consumer trends has caused headaches for your small business, know that you are not alone. Over the past few years, over 200,000 business owners have had to shut the doors, forever.  Whether your small business is experiencing issues due to […]

5 Tips on shifting your business from brick-and-mortar to virtual

Whether caused by the current global health situation or simply to change your business model, turning your store into an online business is quite a challenge. These five tips aim to help you focus on what’s essential and how to make the transition to the digital world smooth and successful. 1. Claim the right domain […]

8 Ways to Optimize For Mobile Commerce and Boost Sales

Over the past couple of decades, eCommerce has become increasingly important. But as recent a trend as eCommerce is, mobile commerce is rapidly eclipsing it in importance. It’s expected that by the end of 2021, mobile commerce will generate nearly 73% of all eCommerce revenue. It’s not too late to bring your business up to […]

Top 10 easy to start online business ideas for students

In life we’ve often been judged for the things that we can and can’t do especially when we’re young, but guess what? There’s no such thing as too young for anything as long as you believe in yourself. Similarly you can easily start your own business online, when you get the right idea and have […]

How To Overcome 7 Main Customer Service Challenges In E-Commerce

When launching your online business, customer service isn’t probably the first thing you will have in mind. Making sure the product or service you are providing is on point will always have the first priority. But every organization should strive to excel also in their customer service. Here’s why: customer service is often overlooked, even […]