Jetpack Backup: The Advantage of Real-Time Backups

jetpack backup

As a WordPress website owner, ensuring the security and reliability of your online presence is paramount. The possibility of data loss or website downtime can be daunting, especially for those who rely on WordPress for personal use or run a business, particularly in the realm of eCommerce. This is where Jetpack Backup comes into play, […]

Key Design Elements of High Converting Product Page

Key Design Elements of High Converting Product Page Source: Ecommerce conversion rates are on the rise. According to the latest data from IRP, the average CR went up by 3.14% over the past 12 months. With this growth, ecommerce conversions averaged 1.72% in September 2022. To some, this may seem like excellent news.  However, […]

Adaptive vs. Responsive Design: How to Improve Your UX by Choosing the Right Web Design

Google’s latest algorithm update indicated it would be user-friendly websites that can provide a superb user experience higher. However, the algorithm update doesn’t indicate the type of web design to use. Herein lies the big question. Mobile devices come with various screen sizes, which designers must account for during the web design process. Ultimately, web […]

Website Usability Testing Tips to Avoid Bugs and Poor UX

Website creation is a journey of continuous improvement. And whatever needs your site is designed to fulfill, its success relies on the user experience. Usability testing helps you ferret out and correct every bug and bottleneck that will hurt your UX. This is because it tests your website and prototypes with real people. Usability testing […]

Top Design Patterns for Improving Website UX

Perhaps the most important thing to designing your website is to make sure it is both valuable and intuitive at the same time. If it does not contain any of these features, it will not be useful, has no additional value, and has no reason to use it. So, this is where UX (user experience) […]

Website KPIs: How to Ensure Your Website Is Running Smoothly

It can be strange to think that it has been just over 30 years since the first ever website launched, on 6 August 1991. By 1994 there were around 3,000 sites, and today that number hovers just under a staggering two billion. Those websites cover every subject known to man, and of all those sites, […]

Why You Should Build a CRM Powered Website for Your Business

Online businesses are increasing with each passing day, and the competition is getting tougher. Most businesses use a simple or static website to maintain their online presence. Static websites give information about the business and the services offered. The advantage of these simple websites is that they are cheap and less complicated. But, but they […]

5 Web Design Elements To Make Your Brand More Relatable

One of the essential characteristics of a successful brand in 2021 is, without a doubt, authenticity. As consumers lose faith in corporations and make purchasing decisions based on trust, the time has come for business leaders to look for ways to make their brand more relatable, more human. Research shows that as many as 86% […]

How to Nail Your SaaS Landing Page

SaaS is hot. Really hot. The industry is growing at a tremendous pace, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Just because you’re sitting on a SaaS product with seed funding, doesn’t mean you can disregard the basics of marketing your business. In this post, I will be sharing how to nail your landing […]

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy: 8 Ways To Boost Sales

If you’re a real estate professional, you must have noticed a major shift in consumers and their buying behavior in recent times as many customers continue to look for properties online through the internet. This has resulted in both customers and real estate agents agreeing that digital marketing is the way forward to generate and […]