dotNG Domain Names Are Now More Valuable

dotNG domain names

Want to purchase dotNG domain names? We have great news for you. To provide you with more value, we have reviewed the prices of all our dotNG domain extensions. The dotNG domain is Nigeria’s Country-Code Top Level Domain(ccTLD). You can say that dotUK is to Great Britain as dotnG is to Nigeria. The beautiful thing about […]

10 Reasons Why an Attractive theme Can Generate More Traffic on Your Website

Your website is basically a blank canvas that you consciously decided to decorate and develop from the ground up to create something truly fantastic to attract viewers and bring in traffic online. This is where website themes can offer you an easy escape from all the exhaustive coding and provide you with terrific solutions that […]

Domain extensions and their meaning

Strategic positioning is important for your website when choosing a domain extension. The right domain extensions can affect your website traffic, and even the way people perceive your business online. Now that you are ready to have a website, you are looking for which domain extension will suit your business. This article will explain the […]

How to pay your Whogohost invoice with 737 on GTBank

Good News for GTBank account owners, you can make payment for any of our products through the GTB USSD code *737 banking. In other words, whogohost in partnership with GTBank has created a unique USSD code for you to make payment for products and services on whogohost. So, this article is going to give you […]

Affected By The Let’s Encrypt Latest Update – Here is How To Fix It

A free certificate authority “Let’s Encrypt” has revoked millions of Transport Layer Security certificates because of a Certificate Authority Authorization bug. According to their website, over 3 million TLS certificates will have no identity protection due to a Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) bug. The TLS certs revoke was slated for March 4 2020. Let’s Encrypt […]

Here is why having a .COM makes your website rank higher.

A .com is the commonest domain extension in the world. Out of hundreds of domain extensions used in building websites, .com, .org, and .net are the most popular. This is because they are the oldest types of domain since the inception of the internet age. They are also called the Top-Level Domains (TLDs) The overall […]

Claim Your Space On The Web. Get Dot Space Domains

dot Space domain

If you have not, you need to claim your space on the web. Get your business and projects, dot space domains now. Use dot space domains to clearly define your niche on the world wide web. You no longer have to worry if the domain name you need for your project or business is not available […]

Build Your Tech Brand With A dotTECH domain Name


dotTECH domains are short, easy to remember and niche specific. With other niche specific domain names like .ORG and .COM being increasingly crowded, the dotTECH domain name is the best thing to happen to any tech startup. You can learn more about what some domain extensions mean here. Who Needs A .TECH Domain Name? If you […]

Nigeria Air Domain Registration Saga. Who Wins?

nigeria air

A few days ago, the Federal Government of Nigeria announced the relaunch of a new national carrier for Nigeria, The Nigeria Air. With the announcement came the unveiling of a logo for the brand that was supposedly designed by a Bahrain company for some millions of Naira. As expected, this launch has generated some discussions online. I […]

Dot Website Domain Names Are The New dotCOM Domains

The first thing you do when you have finished designing your website is finding the most suitable domain name for the online representation of your business. We advise that you go with a dot website domain name. Here’s why – With so many domain extensions to choose from, selecting the right domain name can be […]