Whogohost Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Whogohost, will on Friday 27th May 2022, celebrate her 15th year anniversary. The company was founded in 2007 by Opeyemi Awoyemi, as a web hosting company. Shortly after, Toba Obaniyi took over as the CEO and the company pivoted to overall cloud solutions. Whogohost is looking to celebrate her 15th year anniversary by giving 15 […]

5 Financial Moves to Make This Year

As in control as we think we are of life, there are just some things we can’t and aren’t prepared for. Finances, however, don’t have to be one of those things.  How you spend, save, and invest your money is crucial to focus on this year if you want to grow personally and professionally.  Wanting […]

5 Tricks to Asking for Customer Feedback That Guarantee Replies

You want your customers to be happy with your service, don’t you? The problem is that only one out of 26 customers will tell you if they have complaints. While your analytics tools show numbers of what happens at your website, they leave with no information about why it happens. It stands to reason you […]

Technologies That Could Improve Your Customers’ Safety

2021 was a record year for data breaches in the U.S., with 1,862 total—68% higher than the number of breaches in 2020. But cybercrime isn’t just booming, it’s continuously evolving.   Cybercriminals and malicious actors are constantly changing their hacking strategies to get information, so it’s more critical now than ever to protect your data from […]

Whogohost Partners with Klump for easy payment

Whogohost is glad to announce that we have partnered with Klump to offer flexible payment to our customers. You can now order for products and services on Whogohost and pay in up to 4 instalments. This partnership is great for people that want to buy Whogohost products and pay in instalments. Klump offers a flexible […]

5 Customer Experience Trends to Note In 2022

Aren’t you intrigued by how businesses have gone beyond limits to give a stellar customer experience lately? Whether a small business or large multi-national, the customer experience trends have witnessed a super-charged improvisation.  Of course, the pandemic acted as a catalyst since businesses and marketers had to act dexterously to improve and enhance the customer […]

Tactics for Earning Customer’s Trust in Ecommerce

Complicating ecommerce trends demand every small business owner to gain and retain attention from every client constantly.  Vast numbers of online businesses have made consumers more selective, cautious, and promiscuous. Knowing they can simultaneously search multiple websites, customers send businesses a claim to “show your worth.”   Simultaneously, old techniques need to be upgraded to become […]

How To Overcome 7 Main Customer Service Challenges In E-Commerce

When launching your online business, customer service isn’t probably the first thing you will have in mind. Making sure the product or service you are providing is on point will always have the first priority. But every organization should strive to excel also in their customer service. Here’s why: customer service is often overlooked, even […]

3 Marketing “Hacks” that Scare Off Potential Customers.

Rather than talking about all the best marketing tricks that you could use to bring more awareness to your brand and bring more leads to your sales pipeline, let’s talk about bad advice that marketers often receive.  After years of experience in digital marketing, it’s time to call out hacks that create more problems than […]