Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy: 8 Ways To Boost Sales

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If you’re a real estate professional, you must have noticed a major shift in consumers and their buying behavior in recent times as many customers continue to look for properties online through the internet. This has resulted in both customers and real estate agents agreeing that digital marketing is the way forward to generate and communicate with leads in the real estate industry. 

Moreover, according to the National Association of Realtors, 81% of older millennials reportedly found their home through online ads pursued on mobile devices. Therefore, as potential and existing customers grow more towards digitalized services, investing in digital marketing will surely give the desired return in the form of boosted sales and a strong pipeline of leads. 

So, in this article, we’ll be discussing 8 ways to boost sales for your real estate business through digital marketing. If you’re interested in a fascinating lead, keep on reading!

  1. Ensure Your Website is User-Friendly

Websites centered around real estate sometimes tend to get extremely slow. It takes ages to load a single page due to the influx of photos and many links.

 This proves to be very frustrating for users and may drive them away from your business as a whole. Therefore, get a professional web designer on board and customize your website according to the needs and wants of your business. 

Moreover, boomers and even millennials are likely to use their mobile devices to browse through websites when looking for accommodation, which is why it’s important to ensure your website works equally well when being used through mobile devices to provide your customers with a good experience. 

Another addition to improving customer service while also developing a good and easy to operate website is to add an option to live-chat. Real-estate businesses, being very people-centric, make it important to respond to your customer’s queries regarding appointments and other questions immediately. 

Moreover, live chat features have also proven to increase the number of leads generated rapidly to the quick response of the business associated with it. So, it’s a win-win for any business!

  1. Go for Email Marketing 

Email marketing has several benefits. It not only helps you stay in touch with your previous clients but can also enable you to timely market your brand to potential leads through a well-rounded campaign. 

Moreover, it will also allow you to divide your audience into segments and deliver different content to each with a personal touch; whether it’s an existing client looking for more properties or a potential client looking to purchase a new house.

  1. Get Creative – Create and Post Informational Blog Content 

Blogging statistics by revealed that websites with blogs have 97% more indexed links. The addition of a blog to your website will not only help you build a brand name for your business but will also provide a platform for you to communicate your business service with your customers. 

Moreover, through the use of creativity, you can also market your products and improve your SEO. An efficient digital marketing strategy without a blog may not be the best one. And while you’re at it, make sure your blog is updated regularly to answer your client’s queries regarding buying and selling their properties. 

This way, clients and potential leads are likely to return to your website for additional information and later connect with you for your services.

  1. Use Social Media Marketing

A study by The Close discovered that in 2020, 44% of agents revealed that they gained a new client after posting on social media. 

There is no doubt about the fact that more than half of your potential leads and clients are active social media users. And marketing your real estate properties through pictures and valuable information on platforms such as Facebook groups and Instagram posts can go a long way. Other useful contents to post on social media include:

  • Recent or Existing Listings
  • Useful or Related Blog Posts
  • Customer Reviews Your Business Has Received
  1. Invest In a Good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Another thing worth investing in when designing a digital marketing strategy for your business a CRM real estate software. It will benefit your business in unlimited ways. From assisting in improving lead generation to better communication with your clients, it will surely make your business more productive in less time. 

CRM software also helps businesses manage their listings efficiently, create email marketing campaigns and live chat features for their websites. CRM software will reduce the amount of work and burden on you while also keeping customer satisfaction in check.

Some efficient CRM software includes The Real Estate CRM, Nimble, and Freshworks

  1. Go for Real Estate Google Ads & Display Ads

Displaying your Advertisements on Google Ads will help you building a top-of-mind awareness, speeding up the process of generating leads, connecting with existing customers, and nurturing leads through the purchasing process, and hence, boosting sales for your business. 

  1. Host A Virtual Tour 

We can guarantee a virtual tour will be just as fun for your customers as for you! A home selling and purchasing process can be hectic with many doubts in mind. And it’s common for most people to get cold feet and remain indecisive. 

However, that’s where you, as a real estate professional, come in to make the life of clients easier and the process of selling and buying stress-free. Hosting a virtual tour where you display an easy-to-access and interactive footage of homes will make ensure the trust of customers in your business and also save their time as they can only choose to check a house if it appeals to them.

  1. Host A Webinar

A digital marketing strategy will prove to be more fruitful if you generate inbound leads and get your name and qualities as a real estate professional out there. This is one of several benefits webinars provide you with. 

Moreover, through hosting webinars, you can also reach a larger audience and stay on top of competitors by staying relevant in the industry. 

As nearly all businesses digitalize their operations, including marketing, we realize it can get confusing for some business owners who do not know where to start from, which is why we’ve combined a list of the 8 best ways to help you boost sales in your real estate business without spending a fortune. And we hope you find it useful!

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