IMPORTANT NOTICE: Google Workspace Price Increase

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I do like to share with you this recent notice from Google;

Google recently communicated 

“We’re writing to let you know that our Flexible Plan subscription prices will increase starting March 14, 2023,*. The local pricing of Google Workspace subscriptions will also increase in several currencies for new and existing customers. Google Vault prices will also be updated in several currencies.

First, in our updates, we are introducing an Annual Plan option for all editions available through our website. Annual Plans are great for organizations ready to commit to a longer-term agreement and allow customers the ability to lock in the lowest per-user price. 

Second, we are increasing the price of Flexible Plan subscriptions. Flexible Plans offer customers the option to pay as they go, with no commitment, and provide customers the option to add or delete user accounts at any time, offering added flexibility for businesses with a variable-size workforce. Starting March 14, 2023, new customers will be able to sign up for the new Annual Plan purchase option through our website, and existing customers on the Flexible Plan can switch to the Annual Plan in the Admin Console. The updated list prices for Google Workspace Business editions will be:

Workspace Edition              Flexible Plan                   Annual Plan 
Business Starter             From  $6.00  to $7.20 USD                   $6.00 USD
Business Standard              From $12.00 to  $14.40 USD                   $12.00 USD
Business Plus            From  $18.00 to $21.60 USD                   $18.00 USD
* All pricing is per user, per month.

Third, we are increasing the price of Google Workspace Enterprise Standard to reflect the value we’ve added to the edition, including industry-leading security controls and administrative features designed for large enterprises. There are no list price changes to the other Enterprise editions, including education upgrades. Customers should connect with their account managers if they have questions.

To give our existing partners and customers sufficient lead time, the new pricing will roll out starting in April of this year and through 2024, depending on factors that include a number of user licenses, current contract terms, and payment plan. For example, pricing for existing Google Workspace subscriptions with 10 or fewer user licenses will not change until January 2024. Customers will be notified via the Google Workspace Admin Console at least 30 days before their price changes take effect and provided with more specific information to help them navigate these changes. 

Finally, alongside these changes, we are also adjusting some local currency pricing, something we evaluate periodically to maintain alignment with the exchange rates to the US dollar. Customers that will be impacted by any foreign exchange adjustments will be notified in advance of these changes. 

What’s changing?

To better align the prices of our services between regions, we are updating the local pricing of Google Workspace subscriptions in several currencies. We periodically evaluate currency fluctuations and adjust local prices accordingly.

The updated prices and introduction of more payment options give our customers more flexibility and reflect the innovation we’ve continued to deliver across our products, including more than 300 new features we delivered in 2022 alone.

  • New features in Meet and Chat make it easier for hybrid workers to connect, create, and collaborate from anywhere.
  • New capabilities in Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets help people and teams create together and get more done.
  • New built-in, AI-powered data and threat protection capabilities including automated classification and Trust Rules in Drive and phishing and malware protections in Calendar and Drive.’’

So, how can you take the opportunity of this short notice? 

  1. Sign up Now 
  2. Renew for up to 1 year now
  3. For New Subscriptions: Subscribe to Annual commit or more
  4. Sign up with Whogohost to get amazing discount offers

You must have wondered about the difference between these Google Workspace billing plans: Monthly annual plan, Flexible plan, and Annual plan.  Okay, let me explain this to you:

Monthly Annual Plan: You commit to staying with Google for the period of one year but will be paying for your subscriptions on monthly basis. In this type of subscription plan, you won’t be able to reduce the initial number of seats you subscribed to but can add additional seats

 Flexible Plan: Just like the name goes, it’s flexible. You can pay monthly and still be able to delete users whenever you want and also add users whenever you want and the price for additional users will be prorated. Most people often go for this plan but currently, Google will be increasing the price for those on flexible plans. 

Annual Commit: Here, you pay for the annual plan at once and no refund will be given if you delete any user. 

Yes, of course, you can do more than an annual commitment. You can commit for 2 – 5 years or more. 

To sign up now for Google Workspace click here

For more inquiries on Google Workspace: Call/Whatsapp: +234 703 508 0794


     See you in the Cloud!! Be Safe!!

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