If only My Boss had Listened!

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…And that’s how we ended up at Igbobi general hospital.  Yes, I know it sounds rather odd, but this wasn’t the first time I was telling my boss we had to change the way we work.

My name is Evelyn and I am a creative director in one of the big advertising companies in Lagos. Madam Caroline is our Oga at the top. Nice woman, fantastic energy, enthusiasm, and all. If my Oga enters a room for a pitch like this, you can bet it’s a done deal even before she begins to talk. There are no words to capture her gracefulness when it comes to business delivery.

But there is a problem. My madam does not listen to anybody once she has made up her mind about any issue.

For ages I have been telling her we need to find a collaboration tool with which we can work better at the office. I said some of our contemporaries have already signed up with Whogohost to help them set up Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

With Google Workspace, for instance, these contemporaries have their customized emails in their company names. They hold virtual meetings on Google Meet, schedule events with the Google Calendar, have general chat rooms where each department can easily get a hold of one another with ease on Google Chat. They even have tools like Google Sheets for data analysis, Google Slides for presentations, and Google Docs, a document editor that could all be shared on the go. They don’t have to run after anybody chasing paper up and down. This saves ample time in conducting business operations, files are secure and you can always go back in time without much stress to see what has been done and what needs doing. 

But no, madam says she doesn’t see how Google Workspace can save us stress and how it is uncensored additional spending.

So here we are; and how did we get here? Deadlines that needed to be met. A customer rolled out a job and it was The Fastest Finger. Madam called me and I called everyone to report to the office an hour earlier so we can deliver ASAP before our competitors make their pitch. 

Madam would not normally drive herself to work, she would have James pick her up on his way since they stay around the same axis. On this very occasion, she couldn’t wait. She jumped in her car trying to navigate Lagos traffic herself during rush hour.  Na so e happen. Danfo drove James Bond for Madam, Madam crushed the leg of the conductor. That’s how she had to carry the guy with the broken leg to the hospital. Naturally, they didn’t allow her to leave because the doctor hadn’t seen the guy and so Madam called us to come and huddle with her at Igbobi. See me see trouble. 

Shey . . . if Madam had listened to me earlier, we wouldn’t be paying hospital bills, and all of us would not be spending resources travelling to the office from Egbeda and Ikorodu to VI every day. These collaborating tools do not say you should never show up at the office again. But since COVID hit the way the world works has changed. We could have held this meeting online using Google Meet or Microsoft Teams to get a good lead and could have made it to the office later in the day to finalise things. What’s more, all our presentations, in the end, the paper works and all could have been handled on Google Workspace for instance.  

So Oga, tell me exactly why we are refusing to leverage technology? 

Why should you as a business use Google Workspace or Microsoft 365? This is beyond merely being trendy. It’s because it makes your life easier at little or no cost. You save costs on office space, transportation, you save time, you share information much faster and you never lose data except you delete it by yourself. No downtime, all the bottlenecks of business operations tied to logistics go away at a very low cost. 

Why should Whogohost set up Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 for you? Because they already have the expertise to do so. They can support you if you need help. You don’t have to go through the process of mastering the administration and navigation of the environment because they are there to train your staff.

With Whogohost deploying Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 for you, you hit the ground running like you never even stopped working. What’s more is even if you already have some sort of system running but isn’t too efficient or centralised: for instance, your email is with one provider and you need to move them to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365; guess what? Whogohost is game! The keyword is “migration”. Whogohost is able to move your data from one cloud source to the other. And as a Google Cloud Partner, this service does not come any better from anywhere else.

See, if you are reading this. OMICRON is out o! If you are not up to date, it’s the new variant of COVID-19 and it’s way more deadly. I don’t know where they are producing these viruses but COLLABORATION tools such as GOOGLE WORKSPACE AND MICROSOFT 365 will keep your business going when they say people should stay at home and WHOGOHOST is the name to call upon to get these things underway.

Visit enterprise.whogohost.com today to find amazing products for your business.

It’s interesting to know that Whogohost provides services such as Cloud Hosting. Yes, you heard me right. But today is not the gait for that but you can read more about that here.

I will continue on my business stories research and I’d catch up with you another time….stay safe 🙂

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