“I sleep with one eye open”—Bolaji Hamzat

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Hey guys, our employee for the month of April is Bolaji Hamzat. Bolaji works with the Quality control unit. He is quiet, resourceful, reliable and efficient. True to his characteristics stated above, his favourite quote is – Make hay while the sun shines. He tells us a bit about himself below and he is quite an interesting fellow. Find out more about Bolaji Hamzat Below.

Meet Bolaji Hamzat – April’s Employee Of The Month

We asked Bolaji how he found out about Whogohost and why he loves working here. See his response –

I first learned about Whogohost through my cousin. I must say, working at Whogohost has been challenging but developmental.  Although challenging, our work environment is fun. We always find a way to have fun. 

When we asked him to tell us something about himself that will surprise us he said – I sleep with one eye open lolI’m weird like that. Can you believe that? We may have to find a way to prove that this is true.

We also asked him what he likes most about working with Whogohost. He says – The environment and the people. Awww… we love you too Beejay (that’s what we call him for short).

The next question we asked was – If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why? He says “That would be a wolf,  only people who understand me, become part of the pack lol“. Oshey! Wolverine lomo.

Bolaji goes on to tell us that if he were to describe his job to a child, he would say – We help businesses grow by making it come alive online.

We asked Bolaji to describe Whogohost in one word and he says “Whogohost is too big to be described with one word but if I have to describe Whogohost, I would say, Whogohost is the best.

To round up his interview, Bolaji left new entrants with some sage words; If you are willing to learn and gather more knowledge in different aspects of technology that involves web hosting, Whogohost is the place.

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