How to Include Video in Your Email Marketing Strategy

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As a marketer, you are bound to feel restricted when it comes to promoting your content online. Most of the time the emails sent out for marketing purposes go unread because of a lack of creativity. The question is how do you churn out inspirational content without appearing too direct and salesy?

If I were to say that there is a powerful medium to communicate for your marketing content, would you believe it? Don’t be surprised. I have the answer which I will provide in just a bit. 

Before that have you ever come across a YouTube video that has crossed millions of views in a matter of days? I bet you have! What do you think makes such videos more promotional and successful?

And just think, if you can include such videos in your email marketing content how lucrative it would be for your brand positioning? It does make a lot of sense to use videos for email marketing as it increases the conversion rate and enhances brand awareness by educating your target audience in a very easy and effective manner. 

Why is it so efficient to include video in an email?

At the top of the sales pipeline, video is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness. It helps you sell more online.

People nowadays want the information to be delivered quickly and easily. So what better way to express it than with a short and simple video? Even the best email marketing service providers prefer to use videos to improve their reach.

According to Statista, approximately 269 billion emails were sent and received globally in 2017, and that number is projected to rise to almost 320 billion per day in 2021.

3 Ways to do Video Marketing by Email

There are a few ways to include video into your email marketing campaigns. First, you must precisely determine which of the following techniques you will employ:


Most email programs allow you to embed a video that will play straight from the email. However, since only a few email service providers enable movies to play inside messages, this is the least effective method to boost views.


You may host the video on your website and build a landing page for it if you have one. You may add a video’s thumbnail and a link back to your landing page in your email campaigns. This may result in more views and visitors to the site.


If you don’t want to utilize any of those services, you may submit your movie to one of the numerous video hosting sites available, such as YouTube or Vimeo. In addition, you may be able to include them straight into your website or landing pages. 

It’s a good idea to think about your media limitations, regardless of whatever approach you use. This will assist you in determining the video’s quality and duration.

Including Video in Your Email Marketing Strategy

Videos for Promotion

People sign up for your emails because they want to learn more about the product or service you provide. Who doesn’t want to be the first to know about a hot new product or a limited-time offer?

To generate excitement around a product launch, flash sale, or limited-time deal, include a video in your campaigns to promote your content. These videos will remind viewers of the advantages of being an email subscriber, encouraging them to remain enrolled.

It is a good idea to connect these films to an easy-to-share social media site so that people can easily share them with their friends and network. You can even use user reviews in promotional films.

Play Button on a Static Picture

The simplest method to connect to video material on your site, YouTube, or Vimeo is to place a play button on top of a static picture.

All email clients support this feature. Everyone will enjoy the same experience as long as pictures are not restricted.

Simply link the picture to the hosted version of your video so that others may view it.

GIFs with animations

GIFs are a never-ending amusement. They’re beguiling, relevant, and accurately express the message or feeling when words fail.

GIFs are viral among millennials, who use them to communicate. According to a study done by GIF hosting platform Tenor, two-thirds of millennials prefer GIFs over words when speaking.

Incorporate Video into Your Team’s Email Signatures

By including a video in employee email signatures, you can turn every email your business sends into a marketing email.

There is a majority of the space often wasted in Emails. You can get significant engagement by combining the personalization possibilities of one-to-one email with something like a colorful banner ad or video.

Embed Video into the Email

You could try embedding video in your emails if you have some technical know-how and are familiar with HTML. However, before you start adding videos in all of your email messages, keep in mind that not all email clients allow video playback straight in the inbox.

Additionally, email clients such as the native iOS client, Apple Mail, and enable recipients to watch your video from inside the email client. Finally, a fallback picture will be shown in other clients, such as Gmail and Android smartphones.

Finishing Up

In this write-up, we looked at some of the best tips to include video in your email marketing strategy. At the end of the day, remember including videos in your email marketing strategy requires you to be smart and innovative. Try the tips that we have mentioned above and increase your engagement level. Happy Email Marketing!

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