How to create and use the Whogohost virtual account

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Making payments can be a hassle sometimes. A customer may face so many payment challenges with the bank.

To ease payments, we are pleased to announce our virtual account. 

What is a virtual account?

A virtual account is an account that is non-physical or online that is generated and allocated to you, the customer, mainly for the purpose of carrying out online transactions.

So how exactly does the virtual account work? 


1.Log into your client area on Whogohost.

2. Scroll down to “Generate Virtual Account”.

3. Click on the button to get your personal virtual account details that have been generated.

After logging in to your client area, an account number is generated for you as soon as you click on the “Generate Virtual Account” button. This acts as your wallet on Whogohost and you can fund it anytime you want. Whenever you make a payment, your account is credited automatically.


Please note that this virtual account is allocated only to the specific Whogohost account that you generated it for. It is not linked to any other Whogohost accounts you may have, hence it cannot be used to fund those accounts. If you have multiple Whogohost accounts, you will need to create multiple virtual accounts linked to these Whogohost accounts.

There are five methods of paying in your virtual account.

  1. Transfer: You can fund your virtual account with money through bank transfer. All you need to do this are your virtual account details i.e your account number and your bank name to send money. 
  2. Card payment: You can make payments using your card. The following cards are acceptable: Mastercard, Visa, and Verve.
  3. USSD: There is the option of paying via using USSD. 
  4. Internet Banking: Your virtual account can be funded through Internet Banking also.
  5. Mobile banking App: Right from your banking app, you can pay into your wallet and have it credited automatically.


  1. You can make transfers to your virtual account.
  2. The payment process is easy and seamless.
  3. You can choose the payment method that you are most comfortable to make payment into your virtual account.

If you would like to watch a video on how to set up your virtual account, please watch the video below.

How to create your virtual account

Welcome to simplified payments. For further information, please send a mail to or call our line 070022332233.

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