How to Combine Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business

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Nowadays, businesses are increasing both in number and in terms of growth. Back in the time, email marketing used to be the only output-providing tactic for a business. As social media entered the picture, it was looked at as an outdated marketing technique.

But did you know that email marketing is still the most effective technique for businesses to grow?

It’s far from being outdated!


Here is a clear winner for carrying more potential. 

But did you also notice how close social media is to beating email marketing?

It’s time we start looking at social media marketing and email marketing with a collaborative approach and not as competitors. As the digital marketing space is filled with small and big businesses, it’s wiser to determine a holistic approach to growing your business by combining email and social media marketing.

Before getting into the how-tos, let’s look at what these tactics have to offer when combined.

Benefits of combining Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing

1. Introduce a new platform to present your business

Email marketing and social media both have unique characteristics, and leveraging both of them can allow your business to present your business to more users. 

The more, the merrier, right?

When you combine both techniques, you will be able to derive what is working better for you and how you should go about it in the future.

2. Boost your marketing metrics

Utilizing the learnings from social media marketing and integrating the same in email marketing can bring higher open and click rates on your emails. For example, you can get your email marketing audience to social media by attaching social links on the mails. This will improve your conversion rate, and the user will be able to get a bigger picture of your business on social media.

3. Spot potential customers

Running analytics is the first step to a better marketing approach.

Dig into your email analytics and keep track of frequent email openers and conversions with the help of email tracking tools. You can use this data to target them on social media. Also, you can use this data to make the users feel rewarded or special through your marketing campaigns because let’s agree that these are your set of most potential customers.

4. Increase your message’s reach

When you integrate email and social media, you increase your email’s messaging reach on social media and vice versa. For example, keeping in mind the higher engagement on emails, you can direct your email subscribers to your social media channels.


How to Combine Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business?

1. Upload your email list on social

As you must be aware, marketing has to do a lot with how much you know your audience, and upload your email list on social media channels is just the beginning. If you upload your email subscriber list on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., it becomes easier to track them on social media.

You can further use this to learn more about your subscriber’s interests, preferences, etc. Moreover, you can also use it for retargeting them with ads. All you need to do is go to Ads Manager on Facebook, where you can select ‘Audiences’ in the drop-down menu.

Click on ‘Create a Custom Audience.’

 Choose ‘Customer List’ and upload a CSV file of your email subscriber list.

2. Invite social users to email and email subscribers to social

If you are running email and social media marketing, it’s better to leverage both to increase your audience. You can encourage your social media followers to subscribe to your emails by showing them your email subscribers’ benefits. For example, you can promote coupons and rewards or that they can get exclusive invites to educational webinars you host that are sent only via email.

Similarly, you can link your social channels on your emails and enable social sharing. Let’s take a look at how McDonald’s sends these emails to increase its social media followers.

I’m lovin’ this idea. Are you?

3. Reward your email subscribers on social media

Another way to grow your business on social media is by bringing social media users to your email list by creating FOMO. 

It works wonders in today’s world. 

Start conducting offers, rewards, competitions, etc exclusively for your email subscribers and promote it on social media. To create more FOMO, you can reward these subscribers on social media. When your social media users notice letting go of these benefits, they will undoubtedly want to subscribe to your emails.

4. Showcase live social media feeds in email

This is by far one of the most effective ways to integrate email marketing and social media marketing. Sharing a live social media feed means that whenever the subscriber opens the email, they will see the most recent posts you have made, even if they open it after seven days of receiving the mail.

This is your chance to get them attracted to your feed and click on it. As soon as they do, they will be redirected to your respective social media channel.

5. Host contests

To get social media users on your email list, you need to attract them just enough. Having fun and getting rewards can do the job, so start with hosting contests. Promote them on social media with impressive CTAs, and if they wish to participate, they can directly enter your marketing funnel.

For example, you can ask your social media users to subscribe to your newsletter to participate in the contest and keep the announcements exclusively on the newsletter. 

It’s a wrap 

Adapting to a holistic approach by integrating email marketing and social media marketing can enhance your multichannel experience. In fact, it has become a need of the hour for any business to grow in today’s world.

So, why wait to get the best of both worlds?

Get on it right away!

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