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A Website is no longer a place to just blog your thoughts,share your opinions on political issues or put basic information. A Website has become a source of revenue for people and businesses. With the increase in success of ecommerce in Nigeria, many businesses have learned that having their businesses online is faster, easier and more profitable.

While it is getting easier to get online, many are not taking note of the rules of staying safe online. Can you imagine how much you would lose if you accidentally delete an important file and render your website useless without a backup? Imagine your site getting hacked and defaced by some guy you have never heard of? For many, the cost of such loss is unimaginable. This is why we have launched two products to help keep your site safer.

  • CodeGuard Backups
  • Sitelock Security

CodeGuard Backups
One of the worst things that can happen is losing information from your website. Most responsible hosting providers will always advise that you keep a backup of your site just incase something unprecedented happens. It is also possible that you may accidentally delete some files and without a backup, they are gone for good. Or worse still, your site may get hacked and your files corrupted.

CodeGuard is a cool solution that automates the process of backing up your web files and databases at scheduled intervals. All you need to do is set up once and CodeGuard continues the backup process for you. You can then choose to either restore or download part of or the entire backup of your website at a particular date. Cool right? But that is not all. The best part is you can add as many as 5 sites to the least package.

Don’t be caught unawares. You may click here to get started.

SiteLock Security
When your business is online, you expose it to both legitimate and notorious ones. Some of these notorious ones try to test how secure your site is. When they do find security loopholes, they tend to take advantage of this. In some cases, they inject malicious scripts or steal data from unsuspecting visitors. In other cases, they infect your files and even delete some vital files, rendering your site useless.

The process of securing your site can be a lot of work. SiteLock offers a suite of solutions to help keep your site safer. Some of the features include

  • Daily Malware Scan. The SMART scanner helps scan your site daily for malware and other threats and removes them without you having to do anything more. You may also choose to make this scan your site and alert you when a suspicious file is found
  • Website Application Scan. The application scanner checks if your application has any security loopholes a hacker could take advantage of and alerts you of them, allowing you fix them
  • Blacklist Monitoring. SiteLock also scans major blacklist monitors to determine if your site has been blacklisted, allowing you fix the issue before your clients even notice
  • SiteLock TrustSeal. You can also add the SiteLock TrustShield logo to your site to let everyone know that your site is safe for use.
  • TrueShield. You may also enable TrueShield which scans every access to your site and blocks every suspicious user. This also helps cache static content on your site, making them load even faster.

SiteLock is a great tool to help keep you safer, protecting you from most types of attackers. You may click here to learn how to get started.

How to get 25% off
We are giving a discount of 25% off your first order for either SiteLock or CodeGuard. Simply use the coupon code STAYSAFE while placing an order for these solutions. This offer expires on the 31st of October!

You can get any of these solutions, if you are not hosted with us. If you are however, we will be glad to help you set this up. Simply contact us once your order has been activated.

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