G Suite Legacy, Google Workspace, and You

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Ok! So by now you have either received an email below or gotten wind of some sort of notification about Google discontinuing the G Suite Legacy, a free edition of Google Apps a.k.a G Suite, launched in 2006 which is offered for free.

G Suite Legacy free edition upgrade to Google Workspace

You are probably wondering what this means for me and my business, or what’s going on? Or perhaps you are saying this probably has nothing to do with me at all, I’d just swim with the new tide. Or perhaps you are struggling to grasp the extent of this new “inclusion” and you are wondering what you need to do.

It’s ok, we will break it down for you here as much as we can.

Firstly, G Suite Legacy was the first fleet of applications that Google used to offer its users for free even though a paid version with more features was introduced in 2007, the Legacy free edition was still offered to new customers prior to December 6, 2012. With that fleet of course came the all-important Gmail among other nice applications evolving as the years went by. Google Apps was then rebranded to G Suite in September 2016 and again rebranded to Google Workspace in October 2020.

That said, going forward Google has said that from May 1, 2022, a new plan has to be chosen as the G Suite Legacy free edition would no longer be supported and Google will automatically transition you to a plan equivalent to the features you currently use.

This means that all customers on  G Suite Legacy free edition have to move to a Google Workspace Paid edition if they would want to continue enjoying those applications.

Now, 2 months after the suspension of accounts on G Suite Legacy, there won’t be access to Gmail, Calendar, and Meet, there might still be access to  Youtube and Google Photos though.

So what should your line of action be?

1. Get ready to migrate to Google Workspace as soon as you can.

2. Send a mail to eterprisewhogohost.com or visit enterprise.whogohost.com to get you started with your domain name on your migration and setup for google workspace

3. Hit the ground running like you never even stopped

Work with Whogohost, an accredited Google Workspace Partner to help you seamlessly migrate your users and get the best in the cloud services such as;

  • Application setup & custom app development
  • setup, migration / deployment
  • consulting, training, implementation
  • technical support
  • ongoing support and training
  • simplified billing,
  • dedicated support, and
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