Choosing the Best Email Solution for a Productive Business

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Email is one of the significant parts of our web hosting service, the majority of our business clients consider email hosting to be significantly more vital than website hosting. When you rely on email for everyday communications, any issues can have a significant impact on business. 

Imagine having important information to pass across to your clients or having a Billion Dollar deal to close within a space of 45 minutes to one hour through email communication to your client(s) but your web hosting platform is currently down and you are unable to access your official emails. How frustrating can this be? Yes, I understand, it will be like that’s the end of the road for you. Well, this is not the end of the road for you if you are smart enough to purchase an enterprise email solution that guarantees you 100% uptime and security of all your emails.

I have got just the solution for you. Can you guess what it is . . . It is Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is very easy to use with great uptime and collaboration suite all in one place.

I know you might be wondering what these collaboration suites are? Okay, let me explain in layman’s terms;

In every organization, we like to keep important documents in a very safe place where we can easily locate them, we like to have a secretary who reminds us of all our schedules for the day, we like to have stress free meetings in a place of comfort where we can easily communicate our minds and also be able to understand our client’s needs but sometimes things get a little messy with a busy day/schedule and we are unable to put all the documents in one place and sometimes, impromptu events could make us forget important meetings. Yeah, I know you might be saying this is unavoidable in every organization but what if I tell you it is an avoidable situation with Google Workspace..(Did you just ask how?..

Okay, I will tell you how…

With Google Workspace, you will have all your documents, excel sheets, slides, etc all in one place and you can give limited access to anyone within or outside your organization, you can also limit user access to the documents as well. 

Secondly, once a meeting is scheduled in Google Workspace. It automatically reminds you 10 – 15 minutes before the meeting so despite your busy schedule you can rest assured that you won’t be missing an important meeting. 

Thirdly, well yeah, you have WhatsApp chats and other social media platforms but ever think of having all these applications all in one place that you don’t have to open each application down on your pc/phone, Google workspace has a chat platform that you can use to communicate to members within and outside your organization who are also using Google Workspace so this way you don’t have to worry if other chat platform goes down not even for a minute or maybe you misplaced/lost your device and your WhatsApp chats wipes off, with Google Workspace even if you change your device your chats, docs, emails, etc will still be intact and your organization’s messages are secure even if an employee leaves.

I know you might be thinking you are trying to save money using webmail for your emails other than Google Workspace and other email services but you are forgetting these facts below:

  • Have you thought about losing an important business deal just because your web hosting service is down and you can’t use your official emails?
  • Are you aware that with Google Workspace each user can have from 30GB – unlimited storage space for your emails and other collaboration tools like chats, Video meets, Google drive, Docs, Slides, etc hence you don’t have to delete old emails as they might still be needed for reference purposes but with webmail you are limited to the storage space within your hosting account and sometimes you are forced to delete some old emails to create space..
  • With Google Workspace you will have access to Vaults with unlimited storage where you can backup all your files including emails but for webmail there’s no backup storage for emails 
  • For Google Workspace you will have complete administrative control over the Domain, users and manage their connected devices but for webmail you will need to master a complete Cpanel and also how to delete users.

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