Build Your Website Yourself With Our Simple Sitebuilder!

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Yes! You can build your website yourself with our simple sitebuilder. No web designer, technical skills or coding required. You are probably scratching your head after reading the first line and thinking, ‘how can I build a website?’,  ‘ I don’t know how to code’, ‘I am not a developer’ or ‘I have no technical knowledge or skill!’

All of the above are valid points and it is a problem our Simple sitebuilder solves. You can now build your website without the help of a developer. Say goodbye to chasing a web designer and begging them to build a website you have paid good money for.


Before you read further, answer the question below:

How can your business, blog or service reach the world?

  1. Open branches in several cities
  2. Build a website yourself for your business
  3. Door to door marketing.

Did you pick B? If you did, you are moving with the trend. You do not need to be open various branches for your business or engage in traditional door to door marketing to advertise your business.

Your website is your office on the web. Anyone can visit your website, learn about your business and contact you to provide a service for them.

With as little as N20,000 annually, you can build the website your business deserves. You also get a hosting plan and a free domain name for life!

If you want something done right, do it yourself. Hurry now to to start building your website?

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