How To Attract The Right Customers To Your Business


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Learning how to attract the right customers to your business is like preparing to go fishing. You have to prepare before you launch. You need to figure out which river you will be fishing from, what bait you will use, what tools you will use to reel the fishes in and so on. This is a process whether you realize it or not is your strategy.

To attract the right customers to your business, you need a marketing strategy. Let us talk about what a marketing strategy is and what it entails before I share tips on how to attract the right customers to your business.

What Is A Marketing Strategy?

This is a set of carefully prepared steps/actions specifically designed to promote and sell a company’s product or service in order to get new customers or retain old ones.

Your marketing strategy should include your business’s value proposition, that is what makes your business unique from others. It should clearly tell your potential customers why they should buy your product/service and not that of your competitors.

The value proposition of your business could be either personalized customer service, speedy delivery, lowest prices and so many more.

As soon as you have determined what your business’s marketing strategy is, you can then come up with various marketing plans that will help you pass across your message to your target audience.

Think of your marketing plan as an art of seduction. When a man meets a woman he likes, he immediately starts to think of how to woo her. He consciously or subconsciously begins to learn about her and model himself in a such a way that she will find him attractive. He comes up with the words he will use, the tone with which he will say those words, the places he will take her to, and so on. Your marketing plan has to be seductive enough to attract your ideal audience.

To come up with a marketing plan, you need to first know who your audience is. Need help defining who your ideal audience is? Then you need to read “How to identify your ideal customers“.

How To Attract The Right Customers

Now that you know what a marketing strategy is and what it entails, let us move on to why you are reading this blog post. There are various ways with which you can attract the right customers to your business and we will list them below;

Research your competitors

What are your competitors’ strengths? Who are their customers? How do they attract them? Do in-depth research into your competitors in order to understand how you can be better. Read their customer reviews and improve your business based on their customers’ pain points. This way, when you market to them, jumping ship will not be a difficult choice. Avoid repeating your competitors.

Identify your unique selling point and use it

What makes you unique? What is that service that you render that will keep new and old customers coming? Identify or create it/them and use it in your marketing message. Ensure you live up to it though. You do not want your brand to be termed as untrustworthy or fraudulent. If used properly, in the long run, your unique selling point will be the gift that keeps giving as it will be a major way to attract the right customers and retain them.

Get your business on social media

The power of social media presence cannot be overlooked. There are over 90 million Nigerians online. Trust me, most of them are on social media. These days, most people turn to social media for information and to stay entertained. Reach them there as well as other forums/channels they get information and draw them in using interesting and engaging content or offers.

Create and share engaging content

Have the kind of personality/image you would like your business to have in your mind’s eye when creating content for your social media pages, online/offline ads or website. Give your business identity through the voice, colors, imagery, and design of your content. The content you share through your marketing channels should evoke an emotion that carries an emotional, funny or educative message.
Your brand image should be attractive to your ideal customers and should, therefore, speak their language. You can use various forms of content such as; Images, videos, podcasts, infographics etc.
to send your message to your audience.

Create insightful and educational blog posts that answer the questions your potential customers will ask. Share them on Quora and medium and link back to your blog and website. This is one way to attract and drive quality traffic to your blog and website. Quora especially is a forum people post questions they are looking for answers to. Respond to questions related to your industry and add a link to your blog or website.

Use the right influencers

Reach out to social media influencers that can promote the kind of products or service you offer. You do not have to reach out to very huge influencers as they will be very expensive. Reach out to micro-influencers instead. They are less expensive and will focus on getting the word out to their followers better.

Run online adverts and optimize your website for search engines

Get an SEO expert to optimize your website for search engines. Search engine optimization will help Google serve your website to people who are searching for keywords related to your business. You can also promote your products, get leads and even sell your products using promoted posts targetted to your ideal audience on social media and get great results. You can also drive quality traffic to your website using pay per click advertising like Google ads.

When you are running adverts on any advertising platform, ensure that;

  • You have determined your marketing goal and budget. This will help you determine which channels you should use to promote your ads on.
  • Your landing page is relevant and closely related to your ad. Your landing page is the page on your website that people who click your ad will land on.
  • The landing page is easy to navigate and has the correct details. Make it very easy for them to take the action that you need them to take when they land on the page.

Create great customer service experience and trust

Most customers will keep using a service because of the quality of service they get from the brand. They will keep patronizing your brand if they can trust you to deliver more often than not. Not only will they keep using your service, but they will also become evangelists of your brand. Word of mouth marketing is a great and effective way to attract the right customers who need your services so, treat your customers right.

Measure, optimize, repeat

It is important to measure the results of your marketing efforts so you can determine what is working and what is not. You can use Google analytics to see which pages visitors visit the most, how they interact with your website and how to optimize your website to help your visitors find what they are looking for faster. Keep optimizing and trying new things till you find what works then repeat.

I believe you have learned quite a lot. Ready to take your business online? Order your domain and hosting here. Do not own a website? Take advantage of our 50% off web design offer now. Do you need guidance or more information? Leave a comment below and I will respond. Do not forget to share this insightful post.

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