Alert: Scammers Using Whogohost Clone Account To Defraud People

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There is a group of scammers using Whogohost clone account to defraud people. As individuals, you need to be careful of your online activities. You have to take precautions when submitting your bank details or making any payment online.

In recent times, fraudsters devise new ways to scam victims online. Phishing emails, online account hacking, and identity theft are one of the ways scammers use to commit fraudulent activities online. This is why scammers are using a popular brand like Whogohost to defraud people.

Whogohost as a company

Whogohost is a cloud hosting service company. Due to the nature of our business, which involves online payments and email communications, we have created a guaranteed safe space for our customers to make payment. Our payment channels, in collaboration with high-level security corporations, protect you against theft when making payment for our services. We also have a USSD mobile banking system that protects your funds against online theft.

Whogohost online payment channels

A few weeks ago, Whogohost got reports from individuals complaining about unauthorized debits from accounts like Whogohost East Africa, Whogohost CAF, Whogohost South Africa. These debit charges are not from our server. They are as a result of individuals using our company name to commit fraud. Fraudulent activities are becoming rampant and it is important that you protect yourself against theft. This is why, it is important, as a whogohost customer to know our authorised payment channels and online communication channels.

Our company details

The correct company URL is, our payment email addresses is, you can also reach us via live chat on the website. You should also confirm the name of the company as Whogohost Limited. Making payment through the right channels will prevent you from falling for scammers using Whogohost clone accounts to defraud people.

Avoid fraudulent scams
Whogohost bank payment options

Protect yourself against online theft and fraudulent scams. When making payment for your websites domain renewals, hosting and other services on whogohost, always make payment through the website or through the trusted payment gateways. Whogohost will never tell you to make payment to any agent or unauthorised third parties not listed on our website. Be Cautious and Stay Alert! Scammers are using Whogohost Clone Account To Defraud People and we’d hate to see you be a victim.

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