7 ways to use AMP emails to boost your online store sales

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The introduction of AMP for emails has been game-changing for eCommerce websites. It has redesigned the way online stores use emails. 

Earlier, emails simply served as a channel for delivering information. Using AMP-provided abilities, customers can interact with different elements inside the email itself. 

AMP for emails allows users to create emails with dynamic elements within them. What it means is that the data in an email is updated in real-time. So a customer can get real-time information like the status of his order or the number of people who have ordered a particular product or even if a product is low in stock, right within the email. 

Static and traditional emails do provide you with the ability to send visually appealing content to the customer but lack the interactivity feature which allows the users to interact with the mail. AMP for emails allows all the actions to be done within the email itself.

Here, we talk about 7 ways to boost your online store sales using AMP:

  1. Personalization of emails

AMP has allowed the personalization of emails such that the recipients receive these emails with their names in the email instead of a generic word used for them. So your mail would start with “Hello Kumar” instead of “Hello customer”. This is continued in the subject lines too. It greatly increases the open rates of emails. Whereas this personalization is offered by HTML emails too, AMP for emails allows the inclusion of dynamic content within the mail itself in addition to HTML’s offerings. 

AMP allows hyper-personalization of emails. You can have a personalized feedback form sent to a user based on his activity. This increases engagement and ultimately leads to better sales over time. 

(Source: Striata)

  1. Introducing a new line of products

It is favorable for any company to promote an upcoming line of products ahead of its launch to create enough awareness among the audience. Companies like Oneplus tease their upcoming products weeks ahead of launch to create enough excitement among the audience. 

AMP gives you the power to create strikingly beautiful promotions within the emails. You get the ability to create emails that have carousels. You can have a promotional email that allows your recipients to interact with the different elements within the mail. This is very different from sending a poster in the email to your customers announcing a product where the customers only read it, usually not more than once. 

You can have an interactive email where you have a list of products that the company is introducing and the recipients can browse through all of them within the email itself. The recipients can also hover their cursor over a particular product to get further information about it. 

You can also have a countdown timer in the email itself till the date and time of the launch.

(Source: Appcues)

  1. Abandoned cart recovery

Abandoned carts have been a nightmare for eCommerce websites. Online shoppers find themselves distracted in the middle of a purchase and leave the cart without making the payment. 

AMP for email allows you to deliver this abandoned cart directly to the inbox of those customers. They will find all the items that they had added into the cart while they were shopping and have a call to action button right below the cart from where they can complete the purchase with just a few clicks. 

They can be redirected to the payment page in one click. This increases sales. It has proven to be useful for a lot of other companies. The overall average open rate for these mails was noted to be more than 40% by Sales Cycle.

(Source: Mailmodo)

  1. Replenishment emails

Replenishment emails are another example of how companies keep having their customers buy from them. Companies track the kind of items that a customer orders and the frequency of the same. 

This data can be then utilized to send reminders to these customers as replenishment emails reminding them to make the purchase for a particular product. Online stores automate this process and send their customers replenishment emails which are personalized for them. According to Ometria, replenishment emails have an average open rate of 50 to 60%.

AMP for emails take this a step further than automated HTML emails. The customers do not get redirected to the product page anymore. AMP allows the customers to place their orders within the email itself with a simple click of a button, giving them a seamless shopping experience.

(Source: Litmus)

  1. Product recommendations

Based on the activity of a customer on their website, businesses predict the preferences of a customer. Businesses have special algorithms to do this. 

Once the preferences of a customer is defined, a business can send automated emails with a catalog of products which is curated specifically for him. This narrows down the options to only those products that have a higher chance of selection by the customer. It also helps the customer in making a decision and finally making a purchase from the website thereby increasing sales. 

AMP further allows your customers to add the desired products to their cart within the email itself and land on the payment page with the help of a call to action button.

(Source: Mailmodo)

  1. Gamification

Gamification means integration of games into the emails sent to the customers. These games can vary anywhere from a simple pull the lever to spin the wheel or even more complex games like a sudoku puzzle. They increase interaction as well as engagement. 

With AMP for emails, online stores can even offer discount coupons to their customers who are able to solve the puzzle or get lucky. These discount coupons give an incentive to the customers to make a purchase thereby increasing sales. 60% of consumers said that they are more likely to buy from a brand if they enjoyed gaming with it.


(Source: Mailmodo)

  1. In-mail product reviews

Using AMP for email, ESPs like Mailmodo allow you to categorize your customers based on their preferences, age, gender, etc. This allows businesses to better target their customers with promotions that are relevant to them. Dynamic Yield states that 55% of consumers believe targeted promotions would create a more enjoyable email experience. It also gives you insights on how to improve your products.

When you have different categories of customers, you can choose to send newsletters and promotions to a specific category based on their preference. This increases engagement as compared to having one kind of email sent to all the customers regardless of their preferences.

How to create AMP emails?

Building AMP emails would conventionally require specialised coding and tech support. But that has changed with time and now we have ESPs like Mailmodo that allow you to make changes to your templates using a simple drag and drop editor. 

You can build interactive email templates from scratch or customize a ready-made template from the templates library. Either way, AMP email technology is accessible for marketer or eCommerce store owners like yourself and so are the results it can achieve.

Wrapping it up

Well, these are just a few ways in which AMP for email has helped ecommerce websites grow but the scope of real world usage of AMP for emails can only be limited by lack of imagination. 

You can even check out how the following brands have also succeeded using AMP for ecommerce:

  • Advance Create saw an increase of almost 30% in its conversions.
  • Ecwid merchants boosted sales by 82% using AMP for email for abandoned shopping carts.

There has been enough evidence to prove the effectiveness of AMP for email for ecommerce websites. No wonder that’s the case. After all, it gives the customers everything they would want: personalization, interactivity, lesser number of clicks and overall a better user experience. 

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