5 Top Ways to Increase Conversion Rates with Video Marketing

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In this digital era, internet users are attached to online videos as it delivers quick, straightforward information. It now makes sense that marketers who invest in video marketing earn better conversion rates and close more deals than those who don’t. This is just as important as getting your business online.

How did we get here?

The allure of video marketing is quite simple: in a world where internet users are inundated with information and unstoppably bombarded with impersonal and so-far-away content, seeing engaging visuals combined with intriguing story-driven narration is somewhat meaningful.

While the popularity of video content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, more and more savvy marketers jump into the video marketing bandwagon. Today, more than 87% of marketing professionals use video as their marketing tools to engage more customers and turn their leads into sales.

When video marketing can effectively improve conversion rates, the question now is: how to use it?

This article will give you the answers you need. 

#1. Instill a Sense of Trust

If you’re a marketer yourself, you must’ve understood that nobody wants to purchase a brand they don’t really trust. So, before you think about increasing your conversion rates, you should think about gaining your potential customers’ trust. And video marketing can help you with that.

You can create testimonial videos, product demo videos, or Q&A videos to generate brand trust and help potential customers to feel connected to your brand on some level. 

Those types of videos show you human emotions and put a face to your brand, helping the potential customers make a better purchasing decision. 

#2. Place Videos on Landing Pages

Your landing pages are the place where your potential customers are only one step closer to conversion. In this case, video content can be a great addition to back up your offer and nudge the visitor even closer to converting. It should come as no surprise that including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

Before your potential customers click on the CTA button you put on the landing page, they’d like to see the product you offer in action, and adding video allows you to show them in the best, most compelling way. 

Not convinced yet? Take a look at the chart below:

(image source)

Since most potential customers (48%) love videos that can reflect the products they’re interested in, you can utilize your landing page to introduce your products and show them why they need them.

#3. Create a Personalized Video for Prospects

Another way to speed up your conversions is by creating and sending over personalized videos for prospects across different marketing channels. Marketers see at least a 20% lift in sales using video personalization.

Many email marketers experiment with videos in their campaigns as well. For example, a sequence of onboarding emails with  personalized videos can boost customer conversion rates dramatically.

With personalized videos, you can show that you actually care about your prospects and prove to them that you value them. Thus, it makes it easier for your prospects to value and get comfortable around your brand in no time. 

This way, they’re more likely to be more open to discussing the offerings with you. And that’s how you convert them into sales.

#4. Consider Post-purchase Onboarding Videos

Increasing conversion rates isn’t all about convincing the potential customers to convert into new customers but also about making the existing customers return. 

In this case, videos are a fantastic medium to nurture relationships with your customers by onboarding them in a delightful way.

Since videos are great for breaking down even the complex topics, you can create post-purchase onboarding videos as a way to walk customers through a product and engage with it. The video you can create includes tutorial videos or tips and tricks videos about the product. 

#5. Invest in Digital Advertising

If you want to see quick results on how video marketing improves your conversion rates, you might need to consider investing in digital advertising. Most digital video advertising provides you with targeting options that can help you reach the right people at any funnel stage.

According to the report, ads with video have the highest average click-through rate (CTR) compared to other digital ad formats. It reaches up to 1.84%, making the online video ads even more promising for marketers to invest in.

In 2021, it’s estimated that internet users will spend more minutes watching videos daily. This, in turn, results in more marketers investing in video ads to reach a broader audience.

(image source)

Wrapping Up

Improving conversion with video marketing is so much more than creating online video content, uploading it to your website, and hoping the potential customers find it. 

You have to think of a creative edge that helps improve user experience and enhance the buyer’s journey. Thus, you can use those five ways mentioned as the first stepping stones to a larger conversion later on. 

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