5 Benefits Of Leveraging Webinars For Your Business

USing webinars for business

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With the constant growth of online software tools, webinars seem to be getting more and more popular by the day. In a nutshell, a webinar is where you host a presentation about a specific topic for an audience. Many times at the end of the presentation, you can also pitch your product in order to make sales.

With the amount of power that webinars tend to pack, it’s very odd that you don’t see too many more marketers using them. So in this article, you’re going to learn about some of the biggest benefits of using webinars, and how they can help you overall.

5 Of The Biggest Reasons To Start Using Webinars

Whether you’re just starting online or have been going at it for many years, you can always find a use for utilizing webinars. So regardless of what you’ve heard about webinars before, please keep in mind these big benefits. Let’s start with benefit number one.

1) Webinars Position You As An Authority

Nowadays, many marketers seem to undervalue the power of authority and how it can help with your marketing overall. With the rise of “overnight experts”, it’s more important than ever to start demonstrating your authority on a specific topic. One of the best ways to do that? Run webinars.

You see, there’s a slightly higher level of difficulty when it comes to running webinars. You have to create all of the appropriate landing pages, webinar slides, checkout page, and even membership area if needed. After all of that work is done, you need to go live and present in front of an audience that is eager to learn from you. That’s something that you just can’t fake.

That’s a big reason why simply running webinars will put you in an authoritative spotlight, therefore allowing you to also command a premium price on your products, offers, or services (if that’s what you want to do). More about making sales with webinars very soon though. Until then, here is another really big benefit of creating and running webinars.

2) Webinars Are Great For Generating Leads

It’s often forgotten that webinars are a fantastic way for generating leads. After all, most marketers will rely on traditional methods of generating leads such as creating an eBook, template, PDF, or even a video training series. While these lead generation methods certainly work, you get much more bang for your buck when people signup for your webinar. This is simply for the fact that the leads can be worth so much more, considering the fact that you can pitch your higher-priced offer at the end.

To make things even simpler, you can advertise your free webinar registration just about anywhere that you can get traffic. Whether it be from free or organic traffic such as your website, YouTube, or even Facebook groups. Don’t forget about being able to leverage paid advertising as well. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to do some testing in order to convert your registration page at a high rate.

3) Webinars Are One Of The Best Tools For Making Sales

In case you’ve never tested multiple modalities for making sales, webinars are going to be one of the best options. There’s only one option that’s better, and that’s speaking to someone on the phone, one-on-one. However, webinars have the edge given the fact that you can talk to hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of people all at once.

So why is it that webinars are such a powerful tool for making sales? There are a few reasons, but there are two main reasons that come to mind.

The first reason why webinars convert so well is that you’re able to provide helpful information about a specific topic before making a sale. Once again, this allows you to be seen as an authority on the topic which makes selling much easier, to begin with.

Next, webinars allow you to answer any questions and cover any type of objections that your audience might have. This isn’t possible with a standard sales letter unless someone sends customer support a ticket and has to wait for a response. With webinars, all objections can be covered immediately allowing you to significantly increase your conversions.

After all, people are going to have a few questions when it comes to making a purchase for $1,000 or even more. That’s also another big benefit of webinars, is the fact that it’s much easier to sell mid and high-ticket items. On average, you can expect to see offers on webinars that start around $297 and go up to $2,000 (sometimes even higher as well).

Lastly, when it comes to making sales with webinars, selling high-ticket offers is a great way to create a much higher return on investment. When you think about it, most webinar software tools can quickly pay for themselves even after making just one sale. This becomes even more true if you happen to get lucky enough and get a special deal on webinar software, WebinarKit being a good example.

4) Webinars Can Be Recorded, Reused, And Repurposed

What also makes webinars so great is that they are very flexible in how you use them. Most people understand that with webinars, you can create live presentations. In fact, that’s a very big reason why people don’t want to do webinars because it seems similar to being on stage and giving a live presentation. From personal experience, it’s really not that bad.

But what happens after you finish your live presentation? First, most webinar platforms offer you the ability to record live webinar presentations. Once you have your live recording, you can always reuse it and repurpose it. One of the best ways to repurpose your webinar presentation is to turn it into an evergreen webinar.

An evergreen webinar which is also referred to as an automated webinar, is one of the most fun benefits of creating webinars. Automated webinars pretty much run all around the clock, even while you’re sleeping. This means that regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, you can have leads sign up for your webinars and even purchase from you.

Thanks to many robust webinar software options, you can schedule your presentation to start at any specific times that you like, or even utilize a ‘just-in-time’ option that starts a few minutes before someone arrives at your webinar registration page.

Webinars can also be repurposed for content marketing reasons, which is something that you’re going to learn about in the next big benefit of running webinars.

5) You Can Use Webinars For Many Different Reasons

By now it’s obvious that you can create webinars to sell any of your products, offers, or services. However, you can also create webinars with the intent of providing only valuable information (with no pitch at the end). These types of presentations are sometimes referred to as value webinars, where you’re only focused on creating educational information.

Given the fact that webinars can sometimes last for many hours, these types of webinars can be used in quite a few ways. If a large portion of your audience missed the live presentation, simply turn the recording into yet another automated (or evergreen) webinar.

Don’t want to do that? Simply upload the file to YouTube, optimize the title for keywords that you want to rank for, and you’ve now got an amazing piece of content that will attract a new audience for you.

Lastly, you can use webinars to sell other marketer’s products, offers, or services. This process is referred to as affiliate marketing, and once again, is ideal for selling those mid-ticket and high-ticket offers. The only difference is that at the end of the presentation, you talk about someone else’s offer that you’d like to recommend and attach your affiliate link to the add-to-cart button.

Final Words About Webinars

Webinars are certainly capable of providing a great deal of marketing magic, especially if you’re looking to quickly grow your online business. Whether you prefer live or automated webinars, give them a try. You’ve got nothing to lose, and so much to gain.

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