3 Tips for business stability during and after COVID-19 Pandemic

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As at 20th of April 2020, Kenya has 270 cases of coronavirus and Nigeria has 627, South Africa has 3158, and other countries like USA has 23704 cases.

The Lockdown continues, and as much as you want to think about the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory, your immediate need is to keep your source of income stable during this Pandemic and prepare for life after Covid -19.

As a business owner, it is perfectly normal to have worries about your business survival at times like this. Thoughts like how to keep the business afloat, how to manage employees, and how to generate income or maintain cash flow will cross your mind. This guide will give you answers and teach you how to stay afloat during in this period. Here, you will learn 3 tips and tricks to keep your business stable. You will also learn new ways to get your business in front of your target audience.

Step 1: Adapt your business

Now is the time to identify your operation challenges. What are the challenges facing your business and how can you solve them? If your business is a walk-in store, try taking it online by getting a website. If you have low manpower, try outsourcing jobs. There are some exceptions like businesses that thrive on human interactions. Hotel and airline companies will suffer losses but they will bounce back because this Pandemic will not last forever. That shouldn’t stop you, this is the time to think about possible scenarios and ways to make your business self-sufficient. Now that there is a lockdown, it means that more people are online browsing through social media, reading news, watching TV, listening to podcasts. If you operate offline, you can adapt an arm of your business – if not all – to go online. You can get yourself in front of people’s faces by offering valuable products or services. You can also consider advertising, and influencer marketing for pushing your business online.

Step 2: Generate Leads for future purposes

Don’t slow down on Lead generation, potential customers might not buy from you now that there is a pandemic, but they can buy from you when it is all over. Call that prospect to check on them, keep in touch with your offline contractors. Educate your online potentials, churn out knowledge and information to them. They want to hear from you and many will start to consider whether a product or service is necessary or not. If you put your time and effort into generating new leads for your business, you will not struggle with conversion and driving sales when the Pandemic is over.

Step 3: Manage Employee Collaboration

As a business owner, your employees look up to you for support and morale. Now is the time to boost their morale and show your leadership skills. If you run an online business, remote work collaboration is a must. Give your employees the flexibility of staying at home because it is necessary. If your services are offline, equip your employees with protective gears during this Pandemic and encourage washing of hands and the use of hand sanitizers. Business will continue to run smoothly when your employees are well catered for.

There you have it, tips for keeping your business running during this Pandemic. What are some other tips and tricks you use to achieve stability for your business during this pandemic.

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