20 online business ideas you can start

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We are in the jet age and it is safe to say the Internet has made a lot of things easier. Therefore, buying and selling is no longer confined to local stores and close vicinities. You can now buy and sell products and services across the world through the internet. That being said, here are 20 easy business to start with little or zero capital

Despite the lockdown restrictions, some businesses and individuals still thrive and generating revenue because they operate fully online. That being said, here are 20 businesses you can start with little or no capital:

Here are online business ideas you should consider

Become an Affiliate

First of all, affiliate marketing is fast becoming a great source of income for individuals with a great online presence. So, you can sell products to your audience and get paid a percentage for every successful purchase made. WhoGoHost currently runs an affiliate program on www.whogohost.com 


Ecommerce is the process of selling your products online through an online store. Also, with a lot of plugins and easy setup from sites like Facebook, flutterwave store and Shopify, it is easy to list your products online. All you need to do is to identify the products you want to sell, set a price and start selling online.

If you need a website, you can visit www.whogohost.com

Create a digital product

If you are knowledgeable about a subject matter, and you would like to share your knowledge. You can create a course in video, audio and PDF formats. Sell on platforms like Udemy, clickbank or through whatsapp with the help of a software called Teachable.

Start Vlogging

Vlogging is fast replacing blogging and sites like YouTube have made Vlogging easy to start. The idea is to pick a topic you know people will be interested in, vlog about it. When your audience starts warming up to you, you can then sell whatever product or service you have to them.

Facebook Marketing

Learn how to run Facebook Ads online for free, watch videos online and experiment to be sure you understand it. After that, reach out to small businesses, family and friends and help them with marketing their product and services on Facebook.

Become a Sales Funnel expert

This is one of the hotcakes in demand in this period. Learn about a sales funnel and how to get a customer from the awareness stage of marketing to the action stage where they eventually convert. When you get a good grip on how it works, you can then start selling your services as an expert in the sales funnel.

Copywriting is an easy business to start online

A good writer will always be in demand. Writers that can evoke emotions and convince people to patronize your business are gold. You can start selling your writing skills on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru.com etc. Just do a quick search on google and you will find an enormous list of freelance sites you can use. 

Become an online coach

Virtual coaching on skype is fast becoming popular among artists and fitness trainers. Therefore, it is easy to earn money online by teaching people what you know. Examples of things to teach online are piano lessons, chess, exercise routines, makeup or drawing and painting among other things.

Buy and Flip Domains

All this requires is a little bit of research on what free domains are relevant now or later. For instance, you can buy a domain for as low as N4000 and sell the same domain to another person for more than N100,000. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

 Drop shipping

Dropshipping is a passive eCommerce. The difference between this and eCommerce is that you don’t own any of the products you sell, instead, you act as a middle shop between the buyer and the seller. There is always a new trend of things to buy, do your research, get a seller, mirror their website (with permission – of course) and start selling to potential customers.


Start a podcast for free on sites like iTunes or Mixlr, then, talk about your passion or experiences. Tell people about your point of view and when you have enough audience, you can monetise it. It’s no surprise that podcasting is part of the 20 online businesses you can start with little capital.

Private labelling 

This is the process of buying other people’s products, relabeling it to suit your brand, and then, selling it on sites like Amazon, Jumia and Konga. Unlike eCommerce and drop shipping, private labelling involves being in agreement with the manufacturer to redistribute to a different geographic location with a change in brand.

Web design

Learn how to design websites using WordPress or site builders, then, you can start helping people build their websites for a fee. This skill is one of the commonest online businesses in 2020 and it is still in high demand.

Graphics Design

Take graphics design courses from the comfort of your home in less than one month, then, start selling your skills. The increase in social media marketing makes graphics design a marketable skill you can sell to earn money.

Online Influencer

To make money as an influencer, you need to have an influence and command crowd on any of the popular online platforms. So, large followership on social media sites like Tik Tok or Snapchat can make you a lot of money when advertisers come knocking.

Self Publishing

Another example of the 20 online businesses you can start with little or no capital is self-publishing. As a book writer, you can self publish your works on Amazon and start getting paid royalties from the book purchase. The more popular the book, the more money you make. 

Video Editing

The world is slowly moving from text to videos, so, big online platforms now use video more than before. This makes video editing a marketable skill in demand. You can sell your skills to businesses and get paid. 

Website optimization expert

A non-converting website needs a website optimisation expert to get his website functional. You can learn how to be a website optimisation expert through online videos. Therefore, when you sell that skill and help businesses make money through their website, you will surely get paid some cool cash. 

Become a web hosting reseller

Unlike affiliate marketing, the reseller program allows you to determine the price of the product or service. It is a way of making recurring revenue from your customers with little work. Whogohost has a reseller package for individuals interested in reselling hosting packages.

Start Instagram Marketing 

Instagram is a big space with lots of businesses from different sectors. Learn about Instagram Marketing and advertising and you are already a hotcake. Most businesses don’t know how to generate awareness or drive conversion for their business. So, selling your skills to help them get results equals money in your pocket. 

Lastly, If you are have started a business and you’re looking for how to effectively manage the growth. Check out this blog post.

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